100 Days of Fitness: 200 Days Later

200 Days ago I challenged myself to do 100 Days of Fitness.

15 minutes, anything counted, as long as I did it every day. I made it, and then I kept going.

Today I hit 200 Days.


Now, I’ve got to be honest. If you look at my “100 Days” page, you’ll see I haven’t, in fact, gone 200 straight days. I’ve missed a few.

I’ve missed 12 days, to be exact. 12 of 200. I’m pretty ok with that.

Shortly after hitting 100 Days, I got really sick. I missed two days, because I literally couldn’t get out of bed. A couple weeks after that, I just needed a break. A day off. Quite simply, I was beat, and the thought of exercising made me want to cry. So I skipped a day.

I beat myself up about it for a few days, did an extra long workout the next day, and then realized….


I went 100+ days without missing a workout, and then I miss a day and I’m suddenly a failure. Right. Those sick days…well that was ok to miss, because I was sick. But the skip day? Totally not ok, I was just being lazy. I was going to slip back into my old habits.

Uh, right.

Thankfully that attitude didn’t last, and I realized that I needed to cut myself some slack. I’d gone 100+ days, and I’d gotten right back to exercising after my skip day. So I gave myself permission to skip a day every now and then. To say, for whatever reason – whether it’s because I was sick, tired, busy, or just plain didn’t feel like it – to say, I’m taking the day off. I’m taking a rest day. No walking, no squats, no yoga…just rest.


I made a deal with myself though – I could skip a day, but I couldn’t skip two in a row unless I was sick. And I had to make it up by doing a double workout. Not just a long workout – but a double. So if I ran, I also had to do strength training or yoga or something different. I didn’t put a time frame on the makeup session…maybe I should have. But I’m making them up, sooner or later.

And you know what I’ve discovered?

love my workout time. Whether it’s yoga – which it is a lot – or running, or strength, or T25….I love it. I feel so much better because of it. On my rest days I miss it. I look forward to my workouts, and even if I don’t always push myself as much as I think I should, I’m still seeing results.

Case in point – I’m able to do King Pigeon.

king pigeon

Mine looks absolutely nothing like this. But I can do it. It’s ugly, and it’s fairly uncomfortable, but I CAN DO IT.

Jimmie and I started T25. We haven’t been doing it quite on schedule, for multiple reasons….least of which being that it’s hard as crap. But we’re doing it, and we love Shaun T. And I’m still planning on doing a 5k this year, so I’ve got that to start thinking about.

So yeah, 200 Days. Wow. It’s crazy to me to think about….but also so normal. I hear people talking about how they don’t have time to work out and I think….I used to say that. And now I work out just about every day, and it’s not even something I really think about. I don’t have to schedule it. I just do it. I’m proud of it, and I’m proud of myself.

And you know, even if I still jiggle in places and I still have cellulite, I’m much more confident in my own body, because I know what it can do. I know it’s not going to let me down, that it will support me, that it will get me past whatever hurdle I encounter.


Finally, I feel good in my own imperfect skin

I make different decisions now, and squeeze in exercise where I can. I take the stairs. I walk to errands during my lunch break. I do wall pushups in the bathroom at work. I tighten my abs when I brush my teeth (yes, I’m serious).

I’ve lowered my blood pressure, I’ve increased my stamina, and I’ve strengthened my muscles and joints. My back pain is gone, my crippling anxiety about having a heart problem (completely for no reason – I’m healthy as a horse) is gone, my depression is gone, and my shoulders aren’t quite as rounded.

But, enough about me.

I’m issuing a challenge, blog readers (and thank you so much for sticking with me through all these random posts – it means the world to me). It’s your turn. I’m going for 300, and I’d love to have some company.

100 Days. Will you do it? 

I have faith in you, and I want to cheer you on, so let me know if you’re ready to take this on! Make whatever rules you want…you don’t have to stick to mine. 5 minutes is better than nothing. Shoot, 2 minutes is better than nothing. Maybe you’ll make it a time limit. Maybe you’ll make it a number of reps. Maybe you’ll just walk to your mailbox and back. This is YOUR challenge, so make it something that will challenge you, but make it something you can stick with.

If you’re new to exercising, don’t set a goal to run every day. It’s not gonna happen, and then you’re gonna feel like shit. There, I said it. It’s not gonna happen.

If you can’t do a push-up to save your life, don’t commit to 25 a day. Also not gonna happen. But one a day? You can do that. You can modify and you can build up to 25. And then some.

I can hear you now….but Casey, why do I have to 100 days? Why can’t I just do a month?

Because it takes time to build a habit. No, it doesn’t take 100 days. I think it’s something like 21 or 28 or some other multiple of 7. But come on….100 days just sounds so badass. I mean, who do you know who can say they’ve exercised for 100 days? (Well, besides me.) A month is great, believe me, I’m not knocking a month. But a month is easy, really. I didn’t hit my first wall until Day 33. And by that point I felt too committed to stop. I’d already put in a month, I didn’t want to waste it.

I won’t lie to you. 100 days is hard. There will be days when you don’t want to do it, when you want to give up the whole damn thing and eat brownies and Ramen noodles. Don’t. Or do, but workout anyway. In fact, workout first, because when you’re done you probably won’t want the noodles. Or maybe you won’t want the brownies. Either way, I’d bet you don’t want both.

You’re gonna hit walls, you’re gonna hurt, you’re gonna half-ass days, and you’re gonna get bored. THAT’S OK. Come here, post a comment, and I’ll be right there to lift you back up. Promise. Or better yet, start your own page and let everyone follow along (make sure to tag your posts #100daysoffitness). It’s incredible how accountable blogging makes you. When a whole army of strangers is rooting for you, it makes it that much easier to keep going. (And when some of those “strangers” are people dear to your heart, it’s even easier.) Tell your friends. Tell your family. Get them to join you.

Don’t give me excuses. Don’t give me reasons you can’t. Because you know what? 


I believe in you.  Let’s start a movement. 

Post a comment below if you’re up to the challenge, and make sure to tell me what you’re going to do! I’m going to check up on you!!! Or, post a picture on Instagram with the tag #100daysoffitness. I’ll be looking for you!! 


  1. OOHH!!! I want to do this!!! i need to do this!!! Ok Girl…..You have convinced me to change!! Yes!!! Thank You!!Starting tonight!!

  2. I’m going for it…. Just to give myself some way of getting back to consistency. I’m focus on a minimum of 5-10 min. a day, though it may be more. However I have some travel days in this time frame, so I think a low minimum would be best.

    1. Yay Andrea!!!!! You’ve got this!! 5-10 minutes is great! Some days you’ll feel like doing more, and some days you won’t, but you will be doing something regardless! So excited for you!!

  3. Day 35 for me. And It’s hard. I just spent 10 days sick…and I worked out every day…even the 2 days with a fever, I did something, and I’m tired. But…I’ve started dedicating my workouts to the people in my life who have inspired me…and that seems to be working. so yeah…I’m in for 100 days…although I’m now considering 200 days and have been since Day 20…but I’ll check in about that with myself when I get to day 98. Meantime…Happy Day 35 to me. (My rules are slightly different. If I miss a day I have to start over. AND It’s a minimum of 30-45 min a day. I go to killer bootcamp 4x a week and box/kickbox on the alternate days. Let’s just say after a killer upper body kettlebell bootcamp, and then a killer boxing workout yesterday…i don’t even knwo how I’ll get through tonight’s class…but I’ve made my dedication to my friend Scott and I’m off to the races!

    1. 35 Days is awesome!!! I love that you’re dedicating your workouts to people who inspire you…what a wonderful way to keep going. As for being sick, I feel your pain. I caught a stomach flu, and skipped two days, but that third day was rough. Just be sure to listen to your body, and if you need a break, take it.

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