100 Days Of Fitness. Done.

100daysDay 1, I was pumped and excited and ready to go. 

On Day 33, I hit the first wall.

Day 40, I ran 10 minutes straight. 

On Day 56, I counted a drunken walk downtown after Brewer’s Jam.

Day 64, I ran 20 minutes. 

On Day 66, I stopped running. 

Day 82, I bought a new yoga mat. 

On Day 90, I almost quit.

Day 100, I finished. 

I finished. 100 Days of Fitness. Done.

Nobody thought I would. Not even me. But I did.


No, it wasn’t easy. No, I didn’t push myself every day (or even most days). No, I didn’t set any records. No, I didn’t drastically transform my body. And no, I really didn’t lose any weight. (Though both Jimmie and I can see a difference in how I look.)

Support from my loves on Day 100

Support from my loves on Day 100

Yes, I submitted this to dogshaming.com.

Yes, I submitted this to dogshaming.com.

I did 2,351 minutes (39.18 hours), 41.88 miles, and 61 yoga practices.

I lost 4.2 pounds, and 5 inches.


I gained a habit, a love of yoga, and a belief in myself. I gained confidence, and a sense of peace I never knew I was missing. I feel stronger, longer, and tighter. I feel slower and looser. I feel proud, and yes, I feel humbled.


3 months ago, I couldn’t run a mile, and I couldn’t do Pigeon pose. Today, though I won’t win any awards for either, I can do both.


Next yoga goal - king pigeon!

Next yoga goal – king pigeon!

I can feel my body, feel when things are working and feel when things are off. When I’m holding myself at an odd angle, or I’m walking funny. When one leg is longer than the other (confirmed by my chiropractor), and when my posture is slipping. When what I’ve eaten was for nourishment, and when for taste. When my stress levels and blood pressure are rising. When I’m holding my breath.

I love the feeling of accomplishment I get from knowing that no matter what, no matter how easy or how hard my workout is, I’ve done something. EVERY DAY. For 100 days. On business trips and camping trips, while sick, while healthy, and yes, while slightly intoxicated. While happy, while sad, and while angry. I’ve done something.

10e132bb3153c33aeb84aa8bdaf4306eAnd I’m still going. Because I can’t stop…..because I won’t stop. Because it’s making a difference in how I look, how I feel, and how I think. And I love it.

I’ll leave you with this….dreams


  1. Someone thought you could do it – ME! And your other teamies! I LOVE what you’ve gotten from yoga, particularly. And Jimmy rocks! This is spectacular persistence, and if you can do this, girlfriend, you can do ANYTHING! Woot! GREAT blog!!!

    1. You’re right, I had tons of support from my awesome island sisters!!! It made all the difference, especially on Day 90 when I wanted so badly to give up. I must issue a retraction!!

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