15 Minute Yoga Routine

I promised. I’m delivering.

I’m sharing my yoga routine with you. It’s about 15 minutes, longer or shorter depending on your mood. Since I’m not an instructor, I’m not sharing pictures of me – instead, I’m giving you pictures of people doing them correctly (also, click here to go to Yoga Journal for instructions for each pose). All of these pictures came from Yoga Journal. I’m sorry – I know this isn’t as good as a video. Maybe one day.

There are 70 poses, because I’ve put the complete sequence in here – left and right sides. Don’t panic! Do the poses at your own pace, holding each for a few breaths or however long is comfortable. There’s not right or wrong. It takes me about 15 minutes, but you can do it longer or shorter. This is YOUR practice, so make it your own.

Most of these poses can be done without props, but if you have trouble reaching the floor use a block (or a book if you don’t have a block). Use a strap (or leash/belt/scarf) to reach your toes in the seated postures. Put blankets under your knees if you need to. Modify, modify, modify.

And here’s a hint….if you’re a beginner, you probably can’t do Chatauranga. That’s fine. It took me MONTHS to do it, and I still can’t do it reliably every time. Lower your knees first, then lower yourself down with your arms. You will get there. I promise.

Lastly, don’t ever feel like you have to hold each pose perfectly still. I often sway in downward facing dog. Sometimes I rotate my hips in cat/cow pose. I’ll also raise and lower in and out of the Warrior poses. Do what feels good. If it hurts – pinching hurt – stop. Stretching and somewhat uncomfortable is ok, but by all means, DO NOT OVERDO IT.

I like to do my yoga to music, so right now I’m using Parachute. This playlist is 37 minutes long, so do the routine twice and you’re good to go. Or get two practices out of it. Whatever.

*15 Minute Yoga Routine*

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I hope you enjoy this routine! And finally…..

Wisdom is represented by the elephant in the form of the deity Ganesh, one of the most popular gods in the Hindu religion's pantheon.