2nd Annual Tacky Christmas Sweater Party

On December 21st, we hosted the 2nd Annual Tacky Christmas Sweater Party. It was a blast! We improved on last year – this year, in addition to a Tacky Sweater, we instituted a costume option (Jimmie’s idea). We gave out prizes, had a keg, and built an awesome Battleshots game that I’m sure we’re going to get more use out of.

This year I lucked out – I found 3 awesomely tacky sweaters at Goodwill. I managed to convince my boss that we needed to have a Christmas attire week….so I ended up wearing Christmas gear to work a LOT. It was fantastic, and I’m going to do it every year from now on. I wish I’d gotten pictures of all of my outfits, but I didn’t think through it enough. Several of my coworkers did it too, and sadly, I missed out on those pictures too. Just take my word for it – it was festive.

Christmas Spirit, Day 1

Christmas Spirit, Day 1

I did get to wear my headband from last year’s Tacky Sweater Party, and let me tell you…it was a hit. I got so many compliments (and laughs), and my cube-neighbor crowned me the “Queen of Christmas.”

Later in the week someone brought in Christmas cookies….that actually weren’t as good as they looked.

IMG_3271We started prepping for the party a week in advance. I had to make my tutu – both Jimmie and Luka helped.

Ignore the outfit. I'd been walking.

Ignore the outfit. I’d been walking.



The day before, I painted my nails….

IMG_3293…the boys did some target practice….

IMG_3291And then it was here!

Last year I went all out on the food, so this year I scaled WAY back. The menu:

I also put out some baby carrots and a few oreos for extra snacks. Everything was great, and everything got eaten…double win. Not having leftovers is a plus. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any food pictures.

In fact, I was a little lazy on the pictures. We had a great time, so I’ll just leave you with these.



Bandmates, reunited!

Bandmates, reunited!

One of our two Christmas trees!

One of our two Christmas trees!


Photobombed by Santa

Photobombed by Santa


Our homemade Battleshots!

Our homemade Battleshots!

Bathroom Messages...

Bathroom Messages…


And finally….yes, I’m almost 30. Yes, I still leave cookies for Santa, and carrots for the reindeer. And yes, Jimmie ate them. He’s a prince. If you don’t believe me, check out the awesome book stack he gave me for Christmas…


Plans are already underway for the 3rd Annual Tacky Christmas Sweater Party. You won’t want to miss it!


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