30 Loves

bday weekAnd the madness continues. Just a warning…I’ve decided to try 30 drinks for my Birthday Week, so really, the posts are going to continue. Are you annoyed yet? (This is the last one, I swear. Well, besides the drinks.)

So I told you 30 Things I’ve Learned. I told you 30 Hell Yeahs. I could go on and on with the 30 things…but that’s a bit much, even for me. So for the final 30 post, I thought I’d do 30 Things I Love.

Before I begin, let me pause here and say that this post is going to be completely superficial. I love Jimmie and the pupperoos and my friends and family, but that would take up over half of my 30, and that’s all kind of a given by now. So instead, I’m going to give you 30 things I love and think you should love too. Or at least try. Or at least think about trying.


1. Avocados. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s a weird way to start off. But I love avocados. Everyone should love avocados. I didn’t, for the longest time….and then I actually tried them, and now I’m hooked. My favorite way to eat avocado is in a grilled cheese sandwich. YUM.

2. Fuzzy socks. Big, thick, fluffly, fuzzy, warm socks. My feet are constantly cold. I must have 15 pairs of them by now, but I keep buying more. Nothing beats toasty toes.

3. Stuffed animals. Hush. I still love them.

4. Sitting in bed reading and listening to Songza. If you don’t have Songza, download it right now. It’s a free streaming app. It’s got this awesome concierge feature….so say it’s 10:00 at night, it’ll give you choices for things like working out, unwinding, going to a party, etc. You pick your mood, and then you get some playlist choices. Some are hit or miss, some are amazing. My favorite by far is Mellow Indie. When Jimmie’s gone or I’m traveling, I turn it on and just snuggle up in bed with a good book. So soothing.

5. Staring at the stars. No matter how many times I’ve seen them, they still take my breath away. I can stare at them for hours (and have). I hope I never stop being amazed by the stars.

6. Trader Joe’s wine. $3 a bottle, and it’s good. I’m partial to the Cab, but the Merlot is good too. I buy it by the case. I won’t tell you how long it lasts me.

7. Yoga pants. Do I really need to explain this? No. No, I do not. (I’m looking at YOU entire-world.)

8. Young adult novels. Not the romance ones, but the rest of them. There’s some really excellent YA fiction out these days. Harry Potter came out when I was in middle school, and the genre has literally exploded since then. I love it. I swear, I read more YA than anything else.

9. Printables. Because they are an incredibly easy and cheap way to decorate.

10. Gardening. Actually, no. Gardening itself isn’t that exciting. But the rewards are so worth it.

11. Coconut Oil. So many uses. And it makes food taste delicious. And it’s healthy.

12. Vacations. I don’t care where I go, it’s exciting. Though I love beaches, and I’m really excited to be in Mexico. But seriously, even camping is fantastic.

13. Hay Day. I’m such a nerd. And what’s funnier is that I used to get so angry at all the people who sent me Farmville requests. Granted, I don’t send requests, but it’s still a farming game. And it’s so freakin’ fun. And I love the fact that now my animals have on snorkel masks for summer.

14. Seat warmers. I swore for years that I’d have them in my new car, and I finally got them. Never going back. Ever.

15. Gel pens. Yeah, I know. Those are so early 2000s. Deal.

16. Peanut butter. I mean…..come on. Best food ever. For the record, I’m a Jif girl.

17. Children’s bandaids. When I was a kid I very rarely got themed bandaids. They’re crazy expensive, so I don’t really blame my mom. But now I buy them because I can. I got My Little Pony last week and I’m SO EXCITED. What’s even funnier is that Jimmie ends up using them more than I do, so he’s constantly covered in girly bandaids. I’ll try to snap a picture for you next time.

18. Cash. Seriously. Not just because it’s money, which is kinda like duh….but it just feels so awesome to have a giant stack of bills in your hand.

19. Rainbows. They never cease to amaze me.

20. Elephants. Because they’re just cool.

21. Coloring. I still do it. It’s so soothing, and it’s not just for little kids. Search for free mandalas and you’ll see what I mean. I’ve been known to take a mandala and a box of crayons into a three-hour meeting….it keeps me focused. (I have a very patient boss. I know.)

22. Sephora. Because where else can you get a sample of anything you want to try?? Their sampling program has kept me from making so many bad choices, and convinced me of so many good ones. And unlike Birchbox, it’s free.

23. Blankets. I have more blankets than I could ever need, and I use them all. Nothing beats a snuggly blanket.

24. My salad spinner. Life changing. Totally worth the money.

25. Shoes. Yup. Never mind the fact that I can’t wear a lot of them because I have crazy high arches and a crazy high instep. Sigh.

26. Mooing at cows. I started this in high school, and I still do it because it’s hilarious. And they love it.

27. Pinterest. Because it’s electronic hoarding.

28. Fireworks. More specifically, sparklers.

29. Nail polish. It’s fun and cheap and a good way to make a statement.

30. Concerts. I started to say “life” but then I decided that was a cop-out. So I’ll go with concerts. Live music is so much fun, and so much better than listening to albums.

Well, that concludes Birthday Week. Thanks for hanging in! Be on the lookout for the Mexico posts, including my 30 drinks!!!