April Goals

So um, did anyone see where March went???


Needless to say, I didn’t have any March goals. I didn’t do well on my February goals either, so you know what….let’s just consider April a clean slate. Or, at least the rest of April.

I swear, my life isn’t THAT crazy. I’m just really really really REALLY bad at time management.

So April goals. I’m keeping up with this whole goal thing, because ….because.

Snagged this from TheBerry

Snagged this from TheBerry

Sell my Saturn. Because, well….it’s time. It’s past time. And because she’s lonely.

Stick to a consistent exercise schedule. Let’s go for….3 times a week. I’d like to go for more, but let’s be realistic. I’ve been going to spin class on Tuesdays, so that means only 2 more times a week to work out on my own. Surely I can keep up with that, even though April is going to be a hectic month. No excuses.

Write some quality blog posts. I’m just….bored. I still have product and book reviews, but they’re not what I’m talking about. Quality content. I’ve got a couple ideas, but I need to actually sit down and WRITE.

We’ve got a ton going on in April and May. Work is busy, and we’re going to see Walk the Moon at the end of the month. I’m so stoked about that! Next month we’re going to the Shaky Knees Festival, then I’ll be back in Montana, and then it’s time to start counting down for Mexico!

So even though I sort of think those goals are too easy, I also know it’s going to be tough to get them all. Baby steps. Baby steps.

And totally unrelated, but…..aren’t we fabulous?


What did you accomplish last month? What are you working towards this month?