Better Late Than Never: Pinterest Party

Wellllll….this post is about 6 months overdue. BUT, I’ve been thinking about doing another Pinterest Party for a while, so it seemed fitting to get this post up first. Better late than never, right?

In November I had a Pinterest Party. I think I probably came up with the idea on Pinterest. Wish I could say it was all me, but I don’t think it was. Rules were simple: bring a craft, and bring a dish. Both had to be Pinterest-inspired.

It was so much fun!

Jimmie was out of town, so it was a girls night. Everyone brought their stuff over, and we DIYed to our little hearts’ contents. There’s not a whole lot to say, really.

I’d read where people did Pinterest parties and had everyone make the same craft…I threw that out as a suggestion, and most everyone wanted to make their own. I think that was a much nicer option, because it ended up giving us all inspiration for future projects.

In terms of food, we had chocolate chip chili, grain-free chocolate chip energy balls, zucchini pizzas, spinach-artichoke dip, honeycrisp Moscato, and strawberries and fruit dip. It was delicious, and I’m sorry I don’t have recipes for most of them. I’ll get those next time!

As for the DIYs, pictures are better….

IMG_2870Hard at work!

IMG_2881Yes, Mandy’s tutu (for her daughter) was the inspiration for my Tacky Sweater party tutu. 

IMG_2882Jenn hiding behind her tree

IMG_2884Annette getting a jump on her Spring wreath

IMG_2880Kristin’s Wedding Invitation Ornaments

IMG_2893Pumpkin facials for everyone! (I hope they don’t kill me for posting this picture – I think it’s adorable)

IMG_2895My painted wine glasses…that I use all the time now. 

I missed getting a picture of Lindsay’s wreath, but it was burlap and pretty. I also managed to hold on to one of her wreath forms for a good 3 months, until she and I had another mini Pinterest party. It ended up just being the two of us, but we had a great time. She made a door hanger initial, and I tried to wrap my iPhone cord. Neither of us finished that night, but that was ok. She made a yummy navy bean soup, and I tried the s’mores crescent rolls.

Pinterest parties are easy, fun, and a great way to get some quality girl time while crossing a project off your list! I highly recommend them….even if you end up being 6 months late in posting about it.