Birthday Week!!!

It’s my BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!!!!!!! Get excited!!!!

So I’m turning 30 TOMORROW, and I’m super excited. Yes, I’m excited to turn 30. It’s a milestone birthday, and I’m not afraid of it. Plus, I’m going to be celebrating it here….

01Or maybe here….

tour31And definitely here…

1789787_4_bThis is the Valentin Imperial Maya resort in Mexico. By the time you’re reading this, I’m already there. Jimmie and I will be celebrating our birthdays in Mexico (his is a couple days after mine). Bliss.

And yes, I will miss my dogs terribly. I already do.

Anywhoo….I’ve got a whole slew of 30-related posts prepared in honor of my 30th birthday. That means you’re going to see a bunch of posts for Birthday Week, each of them focused on 30 somethings. They’ll all have this graphic, so you’ll know when Birthday Week is officially over (and yes, it will be sad).

bday weekAnd for everyone who says I’m too old to celebrate my birthday week….stop being boring and have a cocktail. Cheers!


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