Blogdentity Crisis!

I’m having a blogdentity crisis.

Blogdentity CrisisI’m trying to grow this little blog, because, wellllll….because. Because I want to? Because it’s fun, and I’m a little bit of an attention-seeker. That means spending time revising and crafting and search engine optimizing (still trying to figure THAT one out). I’m also completely not interested in formulas and rules and things that “good” bloggers are into.

Case in point, my blogdentity crisis.

See that lovely little header up at the top? The one that says something about a journey from Fearful Wallflower to Fearless Creative? That one?

I don’t think it fits anymore.

But, I don’t want to change it, because it’s why I started this blog in the first place. Oh, my journey isn’t over…I doubt it’ll ever be over. But as catchy as it is, I don’t really think it SAYS anything. Or, at least it doesn’t say what I want it to say. Problem is, I’m not entirely sure what it is that I want it to say.

I’ve said from the beginning there wouldn’t be rules here and that I wouldn’t have a slant. Or a niche. I have too much that I’m interested in to have a slant. Thankfully, there’s a term out there for people like me: Lifestyle Blogger. Read: catchall.

That presents a slight problem, however, when trying to describe said blog. Which, I’ve recently been faced with doing for one reason or another. So let’s see….hummm…..I write about stuff. Yeah, stuff. Sure, I can look at my categories and tags and see the larger groups that my posts fall in. Beauty. Books. Health and Fitness (I’m including food in here too). Travel. Life. But this isn’t a beauty blog. It’s not a book blog. It’s not a health and fitness and food or travel blog. It’s a life blog.

I think this is what they call circular reasoning. 

So then I started thinking a little harder about what I was trying to do when I started, and about why I started…and about why I continue.

Paraphrasing from my Just Me page….I started this blog because I was unhappy and I knew I needed a change. Fearless Creative was, and still is, my change and my way of taking control of my life again. It’s about things I lost and am trying to get back, and about things I’ve always wanted. Passion, Creativity, Beauty, Health, Fearlessness….it’s a blog about growing, about learning, and even about healing. It’s potential and it’s promise and it’s even not-so-bright ideas. It’s life, but more than that, it’s a life I love. And hopefully, with things that YOU love (or at least can relate to), since you’re reading it.

And from all of this, I’ve come up with a new tagline. But I need your help, because I actually have two, and of course I can’t decide. Plus, I just discovered the poll function. Come on, this will be fun!!

Thanks for the help, and thanks for being here!


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