Book Bites: March 27

Welcome to the first Book Bites post! I’m currently studying to take a professional certification, so my reading has been a little limited. Rather than skipping a day, I thought I’d participate in some of the weekly meetups all the wonderful book bloggers host!

First up is It’s Monday! What are you reading! hosted by Kathryn over at the Book Date. It’s a way to share what you’ve just read, are currently reading, and are reading next.

This will give you an idea of some of the reviews you can expect in the somewhat near future, but the “Next Up” section doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll read it *next* – just that it’s on my stack! So, some of those might stay under Next Up for a while, new books may jump in, etc. etc. Just giving you a heads up. Nothing is set in stone here.

I’ll keep this going until my reading schedule frees up, or if it’s fun, I may keep it going longer. We’ll just have to see!

Just Finished


Currently Turning the Pages


Next Up






What are you reading? What should I read next?!