Book Review: Talon (Windwalker Archive Book 1)

Talon (The Windwalker Archive, #1)

Goodreads Description

They call him Plagueborn… On the frozen Barbarian island of Volnoss, survival means strength. Only the strongest and tallest shall be named Vald. Like their harsh unforgiving homeland, they allow no weakness. Those who do not meet the measure are declared Skomm, and condemned to a life of slavery.

They call him Throwback… Born two months premature during the Frozen Plague, raised by his grandmother, and rejected by his father, he is allowed to live among the mighty Vald until the day of his measure. A day fast approaching.

They call him Skomm… He must somehow survive a cold world of giants, and a twisted culture of discrimination, cruelty, and injustice. Despised for his size and weakness, shunned by his peers, and beaten by bullies, he knows no friend but a timber wolf pup named Chief.

They call him by many names… Legend will call him TALON WINDWALKER.

Set two hundred years before the events of Whill of Agora, TALON, Book #1 of the Windwalker Archive, reveals the origins of Dirk Blackthorn’s spirit wolf, Chief. Talon is a coming of age tale rich with magic, culture, friendship and lore. It is a fast-paced race against time; an underdog story wrought with action and adventure. Fans of the Legends of Agora books will be introduced to unforgettable new characters, and revisit a few old friends. Although Talon takes place chronologically before Whill of Agora, it can be read before or after.

My Thoughts

I had never heard of the Legends of Agora series when I decided to review this. But, there was a dog, and there was magic, and it sounded pretty neat from the description.

I was really pleasantly surprised! It pretty much grabbed me from the beginning, and while I wouldn’t necessarily call it a quick or easy read, it kept my interest. I liked Talon…he’s definitely an underdog, with a strong sense of purpose. You don’t really get to see a whole lot of it in the book, but I’m assuming that’s because it’s the first in a series. Talon’s friends, though, drove me nuts. Akkeri was fine, but Talon’s obsession with her was distracting. Maybe that’s how teenage boy hormones really are though (obviously I don’t know). Jasin was a bit of a hothead, and though he meant well, got a little annoying.

I’m not entirely sure the age this is intended for. I initially thought young adult, since the characters are in their teens. But it’s pretty gruesome in places, and there are a few intense scenes that might be a bit much for younger audiences. Overall, though, the story is well-paced. I’d have liked a little more about some of the tertiary characters, and definitely a lot more of the “world,” but maybe those are in the next books.

Book 2 is about Akkeri, so while I’m interested in the story, I’m not terribly interested in her. I doubt I’ll pick the second book up anytime soon, but it’ll definitely stay on my list.

If you’re a fan of fantasy coming-of-age stories, give this one a try. At $3 on Amazon, it’s worth the investment.

I received this book free in exchange for my honest review.