Bookings: October 16, 2017

Whoops. I missed a few Bookings posts because I got distracted and forgot to create them. That’s the problem with having Bookings on Monday – it’s a great way to start the week, but it also doesn’t leave much room for laziness!

We hit up a beer festival last weekend, had a great time as usual. We’ve also been working around the house, cleaning out junk and ripping out walls. Fun times. I’m not really convinced we need to put the walls back on, but Jimmie feels otherwise. We’ll see who wins this argument.

I’ve been in a book slump, though – just haven’t felt much like reading. (Even though I killed it this weekend!) It’s killing my Haunting October plans. I didn’t even read the Book Club book this month. It was supposed to be Never Let Me Go (timely, since Kazuo Ishiguro just won the Nobel Prize. Nothing really against the book, I just couldn’t get into it. Since I didn’t read it, our book club consisted of the two who did read it telling me the plot, and needless to say, we didn’t have much discussion. So, no book club post this month, but next month we’re reading short stories from Stephen King’s Everything’s Eventual, so that should be fun.

I’ve got tons of ideas brewing about for posts that don’t involve reviewing books so that’s a nice break for all of us. And, I’m having a blast with She’s All Booked on Facebook so if you’re not following there, get on it! Lots of fun stuff and good conversations.

Have a lovely week, friends!

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Sadly, I think I’m done traveling for the year, other than the random trips back and forth to Atlanta for work. But, I’m planning a ski trip to North Carolina sometime in the first part of 2018!





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