Bookings: September 11, 2017

BookingsLast week was busy! My mom had cataract surgery (it went well!), and I lost Jimmie to Destiny 2. (In all seriousness, he’s been enjoying the game and is not actually ignoring me.) We drafted our Fantasy Football team – we had 14th pick out of 14 teams, so it was a challenge. I think we’ve got a decent team, if not a breakout one. We actually watched the Green Bay/Seahawks game last night and it gave me a near heart attack.

I went to a painting class Friday night, taught by a friend of mine, and then spent the rest of the weekend dealing with septic and plumbing issues, and crafting and blogging and playing around with Adobe Spark. I’ve been working on a knit shawl for months, and I’m determined to finish it so I can wear it this Fall. It’s not difficult, I’m just a super slow knitter. Speaking of Fall, I’m so ready for it. I’m a Summer girl through and through, but it’s been a loooong summer, and I’m ready for some cooler weather.

I didn’t end up ordering a desk for my craft room/office, but I did order a bunch of clothes with all the Labor Day sales. I made my first ThredUp purchase, and I’m really excited to see how that turns out.

You’re going to see a new review format starting this week, with Dark Matter on Wednesday. Let me know if you like it – I’m still torn! And lastly, don’t forget to like She’s All Booked over on Facebook for more book goodies and fun travel news!

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This week, Charleston, WV for work, Atlanta in a few weeks for the Misterwives tour, then hopefully camping at Bandy Creek. I also all of a sudden want to book a trip after we get this plumbing situation under control, but haven’t decided where yet.





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  1. I want to hear about your ThreadUp experience. I don’t know how I feel about ordering clothes from designers I may not know and can’t try on first.

    1. Same here! I ordered brands I knew – in fact, I ordered a skirt I already have, just in a different color. I think they have a decent return policy, but we’ll see.

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