Coffee Sugar Scrub

Coffee Sugar ScrubIt’s been a little while since we’ve had a DIY, hasn’t it?

My mom’s birthday is coming up, as is Mother’s Day. I knew I wanted to make her something instead of buying a random gift, and I knew I wanted to give her something that would make her feel special without breaking the bank. I also waited until sort of the last minute, so knew I needed to do something relatively simple.

I know a lot of people think homemade gifts are cheap. And they are, usually, though not always. But I think they get a bad rap – I think people look on homemade gifts less favorably because so many people think that a gift is only worth how much money you spent on it.

I think those people are stupid.

Thankfully, so does my mother.

To me, a homemade gift shows that you took the time to think about something the recipient would actually like. And you put effort into making it. You may not have spent much money, but you spent TIME….and time is far more precious than money. And besides, doesn’t it just feel so nice to have something made just for you?

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I find the absolute *perfect* gift for someone. When I do, I buy it. Buying isn’t all bad. But enough of that soapbox. Back to mom.

I knew I wanted pampering. I knew I wanted simple. I knew I wanted yummy smelling and feeling. And then I thought….COFFEE SUGAR SCRUB.

My mom loves the smell of coffee, though she can’t stand drinking it. Lucky for her, I do not share her affliction. I’ve been saving my coffee grounds for a while now….usually I just dump them in the rose bushes. Roses like coffee. But I’ve also had an idea brewing (hehe) in the back of my mind for a while to make a beauty product with those old grounds. And if we’re being honest, since I’ve started recycling I’m all about getting everything I can out of stuff.

There are tons of things you can use coffee grounds for, so if you’re a drinker and a DIYer, start saving them. I’ve read a few different things about the best way to save grounds. Honestly, I just keep them in a plastic container on the counter. The Internet will tell you¬†this will make them mold, but mine never do – probably because I don’t put the lid on the container. Why nobody else has ever thought to do this is beyond me.

That said, I did decide to bake my coffee grounds for the sugar scrub, simply because I didn’t want to take a chance on them molding. I just tossed them on some aluminum foil on a baking sheet and threw them in the oven for 30 minutes on 350. My house smelled like coffee. Pretty amazing.

Baking Coffee GroundsThen I made Coffee Sugar Scrub. It was super easy, and actually kind of fun. I used brown sugar since it’s a little softer than regular sugar. I also added some ground ginger because it reduces inflammation. For my oil I used the coconut oil I got from GoPure, but olive or almond oil would also work well I think.

Coffee Scrub Ingredients

Basically, this scrub is divine. It smells amazing, it’s easy, it cost me nothing (granted, I already had everything), and it feels like an expensive spa treatment. I’ll admit, I saved a little to use myself! My hands felt so smooth and soft after.¬†Ginger and coffee are both antioxidants, so this scrub is extra good for your skin.

There’s no hard and fast recipe – I used a cup each of coffee grounds and brown sugar. I dumped in enough ginger that I could just barely smell it. And I added oil until I got the consistency I wanted, which was damp but not runny. I literally just mixed it all together with a spoon and put it in a jar.

A jar that I salvaged from our recycling bin, thank you. I think it used to house pickles. A little spray paint on the lid, a little soapy water soak to get the label off, and I have a brand new gift jar. I threw a few whole coffee beans on top for decoration.

Coffee Bean ToppingThen, I realized I needed a label or tag or something, because otherwise mom would just think I was giving her a jar of dirt. So I spent more time making a tag than I did on the scrub itself. But the nice part is, you can use this tag too. Just save the picture to your computer and print it out on some card stock. Or do what I did, and print it out on regular paper and glue it to some card stock.

CoffeeSugarScrubTagI took a piece of twine, threaded it through the tag, and there you have it. A great DIY gift for anyone who loves coffee.

I also made her a bath soak that I’ll be sharing next! Bring on the pampering!!