Cruisin' thru the Cozies Reading Challenge – 2016

What’s that? A cozy mystery reading challenge?!?!?! Sign me up!!!!!

If you’ve been here a while, you know how much I love my cozy mysteries. They’re fun, they’re brainless, and there are a million different ones to choose from. Cozies are my “fluff” read of choice – you pretty much know what to expect, and the characters and stories are generally pretty enjoyable. Plus, the best ones have animals and recipes and all sorts of neat little extras. If you’ve never read a cozy, you’re missing out – and I’ll be happy to give you a few recommendations.

Yvonne over at Socrates’ Book Reviews is doing another reading challenge besides the What An Animal one…this one is called Cruisin’ thru the Cozies, and the format is pretty similar. Any cozy mystery counts.

My goal: 13-20 books in 2016 (Level 3)

I thought about going for Level 4 (21+ books), but that actually seemed a little tough. So I’ll start with Level 3 and see how it goes!

I’ll keep track on the Reading Challenges page again, and you can always follow me on Goodreads (just comment here so I know to accept your friendship!).

Sound like fun? Head on over to Socrates’ Book Reviews to sign up!