Day 50: Halfway There!

e5ecdf57a633f89c0c28eac128a9fb55I’m halfway there. I’m HALFWAY THERE.

50 Days of Fitness. 50 days left. (Well, less than 50, because I’m 2 days late posting this…oops.) I almost can’t believe it. I didn’t think I’d get this far, honestly.

Yeah, I’ve taken plenty of easy days. No, I haven’t pushed myself quite like I wanted to. But I’m still doing it, and it’s getting easier. I still haven’t lost weight. That’s ok. I’m not worried about that. It’ll happen.

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So if I haven’t lost weight…what good is it?

I’m more flexible. I’m standing up taller. My skin is clearer. My legs are a little less jiggly.

I’m eating better (mostly), because I don’t feel like eating junk. I’m working on my water. I’m taking more pride in myself, and paying more attention to what I’m doing.

I’m more relaxed, and more at peace.

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I can do a chaturanga pushup. It’s not pretty and I can’t hold it, but I can lower myself all the way down. Two months ago, I flopped from plank position to flat on the floor.

I can run for 10 minutes straight and live to tell about it.

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And even smile about it. photo 2

I can do 18 full situps in one minute. Nope, that’s not great…in fact, it ranks in the “poor” category for my age range. But it’s well above “very poor.” I passed the K-W core test with flying colors.

And most importantly, I can put my pants on without wobbling.

ade7a33a61571817a0ba97cfabca0eedI’ve already started thinking ahead to my reward, and to what’s going to happen on Day 100. I don’t want to stop now.

Here’s to 50 more!