I’m way behind. Sorry for that.

The good news? I’ve been pretty crafty lately. So much so that I’m christening October “DIY-tober.” You’ve already seen the Superhero Soup, but really that was part of DIY-tober too. Just pretend it’s in this post!

I’m not even sure where all this inspiration came from. Part of it was being tired of mopey September. Part of it was learning that Joann’s takes competitor coupons. Part of it was arranging for my mom to come visit in December (that’s going to be fun, let me tell you.)

Anyway, the month was full of DIY projects…some big, some small, some better than others. November is looking like it’s going to be similar, so maybe I’m just on a crafting kick. Or maybe I’m finding a little more of that creative side I thought I’d lost.

It started off innocently enough, with homemade pizza. Don’t ask where we got this idea. I think it was mine – I’m sure I came across someone’s blog post on Pinterest. Anyway, I bought the ingredients, and we mixed up the dough one night, and then let it sit in the freezer for a couple weeks. Annnndd….if you’re wondering, yes, the type of flour you use matters. I spent a good 15 minutes in the flour aisle trying to figure out if I really needed the $6 bag of bread flour. What can I say – I’m a little stingy. That $3 all-purpose bag was looking pretty good, and I figured flour was flour. Not quite. After a quick Google search (still in the aisle) I decided to go ahead and splurge on the real stuff. And boy, I’m glad I did. Bread flour has a higher gluten content than all-purpose, so it’s chewier and stretchier. If you’re cheap, don’t worry – we’ve made 4 pizzas from it already, and we still have half a bag left.  It’s worth it.

Maybe I should pause here and mention that it’s totally possible to make pizza dough without a Kitchenaid. It’s just a little messier (and if I had to guess, a lot more fun). I didn’t take any pictures of the process, but we used a dough recipe I found online ( I highly recommend this one – it’s so easy to follow and turns out great!

The recipe makes enough for two pizzas.

The recipe makes enough for two pizzas.

Jimmie looked up some information on how Mellow Mushroom does their pizza crust, and came up with a glaze recipe of butter, garlic, and Parmesan. Yummmm. We basted the crust, then put the toppings on. We stuck to pepperoni and mushroom for the first one. Another helpful tip – use corn meal instead of flour to dust your rolling mat. It gives it a little extra flavor and texture! 


Is this enough cheese?



Basting the edges of the crust again



I know you’re all jealous of our wine collection… (it’s all Trader Joe’s wine!)


Before baking

The really cool thing is that since you heat the pizza stone for 30 minutes at such an insanely high temperature (500 degrees!), the pizza only takes about 7 or 8 minutes to cook. And it takes that long to put your toppings together. But it’s so worth it….



Yes, I changed my clothes in the 7 minutes it took to cook.

Yes, I changed my clothes in the 7 minutes it took to cook.

They wanted pizza too.

They wanted pizza too.

OMG it was good. I took one bite, looked at Jimmie, and declared we were never ordering pizza again. (That didn’t last.) He declared he was going to eat the whole thing. We came pretty close. We’ve made pizza twice more since. The last time we did two small ones, and made one a pesto chicken…YUM. So seriously, it’s fairly easy, and it tastes so so so much better than store bought. Try it!

Besides pizza and superhero soup, my other food-related DIY was a pomegranate. Not exactly exciting, but I love eating them and I love looking at them. So here, have a picture of my first pom of the season.



Enough with the food! On to the craftiness…

I was in a bad mood one night, and I was on Pinterest (of course), and I just decided to paint something. I still haven’t figured out where to put it, but it makes me happy to look at.



And because I’m impatient, I bought more yarn and knitting needles. I got on Ravelry (omg it’s as addicting as Pinterest) and found a pattern for wrist warmers. I’m not finished with them (or with my scarf), but here’s the progress on the first one. My goal is to get them done this month – I just have to figure out how to finish them.



The yarn was my first trip to Joann’s. Then I realized I still had my summer wreath up, and that it was mid-October. Time for a fall wreath, which meant another trip! I actually already had the grapevine wreath, from an aborted attempt at a fall wreath LAST year, but I needed flowers for it. And because I’m such a procrastinator, Joann’s had all their fall flowers 70% off. Nothing like waiting until the last minute.



So I had a pile, and the dogs of course kept walking all over it, and I needed some pictures. Despite the fact that I was wearing half of my work clothes and half of my pajamas. But I had my wine, which was the most important part….



No judging. I like my fuzzy socks.

After I got it done, Zoe helped me show it off on Instagram. Luka photobombed.



And finally, the finished product actually on the door (nevermind that it’s crooked).



This is turning into a long post. Sorry folks. Because I love leaves…and kinda have a problem collecting them (and then never doing anything with them) here’s a leaf photo.



I’m done. I swear.

Actually I’m not – but I’m done in this post. We did a home improvement project, but that really needs its own post. And then there’s the great pumpkin adventure. And the Pinterest Party.

Hope you’ll stick around!