DWTS 21 – Week 3 Thoughts

Week 3’s theme was TV night. I haven’t seen this theme before, and to be honest wasn’t super impressed. Alfonso Ribeiro was the guest judge, which was fun. Loved him in season 19, and I was curious to see how he’d judge! I was a little surprised by him – not his scores, but that he was giving pointers. I guess I expected him to just be a “great job” kind of guy, though that’s probably not fair…I mean, he won the Mirrorball, so why not give pointers? Regardless, I thought he did a great job!

Tamar Braxton and Val Chmerkovskiy: I’m sorry. I just can’t get behind Tamar. I thought her tango lacked emotion and was completely boring. I also find her really really off-putting. I think she’s been scored higher than she’s dancing. Loved her dress though. I didn’t vote for her, and after watching the dance am fine with that. (Sorry Val!)

Carlos PenaVega and Whitney Carson: Carlos is starting to wear on me too. I thought the Golden Girls theme was a bit distracting – the routine was pretty fun, but the disparity between all that energy and jumping and the whole old people theme really bothered me. I do think Carlos is a decent dancer, but I also don’t really see him growing or improving. Voted, but I might have changed that.

Alexa PeneVega and Mark Ballas: WOW. Alexa is a force to be reckoned with. That dance was so creative, so unique, and so flawless. I’m not super familiar with Breaking Bad (I know, I know), but what little I do know, the dance captured the show perfectly. Alexa has become one of my favorites, and I can’t wait to see her next dance. She’s getting better each time she steps on the floor….and I totally agreed with what Alfonso said to her. She and Carlos can’t both win. She’s better, and as long as she keeps up what she’s been doing, she’s got a shot. Voted.

Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough: I’m struggling with Bindi. I love her. She’s so cheerful, so fun, and she’s a good dancer….but she’s not blowing me away. I realize that they only had a couple days to redo their routine, and she’s hurt. I thought her scores were fair, and I still think she’ll be around for a while, but I want to see some more from her. Voted.

Gary Busey and Anna Trebunskaya: Yay Gary!!! So much better than last week! I also loved that the package showed how hard he’s working, because I think a lot of people are just looking at him like “oh there’s that crazy Gary Busey.” Psh. I enjoyed his dance, and thought the theme fit him perfectly. Didn’t vote, and wish I had.

Paula Dean and Louis Van Amstel: I for one thought Paula’s scores were a little low. I was guessing sixes, so the fives were a slight disappointment. I see improvement every time she dances, though there’s still so much STANDING in her routines. I loved the emotional moments with her and Louis though. If she would keep her mouth shut after she dances I’d like her a lot more. No vote.

Kim Zolciak Biermann and Tony Dovolani: Poor Kim. I’m glad she’s ok, and I wish her the best. I’d have liked to see her stay a week or two more, but honestly I think her withdrawal is for the best.

Andy Grammar and Allison Holker: JEOPARDY??? After last week?? What the crap, America?! I like Andy a lot, but he’s another that I need to see more from. His quickstep was ok, nothing special. Bring the special, Andy! Voted.

Alek Skarlatos and Lindsay Arnold: Alek is such a cutie. I still have trouble believing he’s only 22. I thought he did well on this dance – he was very much in “control” of Lindsay, but I would like to see a little more presence from him. He’s a small guy, and I think he struggles a little bit with what some of Alfonso struggled with, and that’s the need to make himself bigger in the space. I still think he’s a solid contender, and am still blown away by how well he’s doing with zero dance experience. Voted.

Hayes Grier and Emma Slater: I was really looking forward to this dance, and I felt really let down. Hayes nailed every step, but it was so…..dull! There was none of the energy we’ve seen in the last couple of dances. This reminded me of his first week, where he was just sort of there. Maybe the kid was tired, maybe he was concentrating too hard. Who knows. Voted.

Nick Carter and Sharna Burgess: One of these weeks, I’ll stop being worried Nick will screw up. I want him to win so badly that I’m stressed he’ll get eliminated. And that’s ridiculous, because every time he dances I realize that he’s just that good, and surely America will see that and keep him around. SO KEEP HIM AROUND, AMERICA. That said, their waltz gave me chills. The way Nick moves is so elegant, so beautiful that I can’t take my eyes off him. Voted.

Who went home? Kim and Tony withdrew.

Who should go next? Paula and Louis or Carlos and Whitney.

Confession time! I voted before watching the episode. Would my votes have changed? Maybe slightly, but overall, no. This week we had 11 votes, and I used all three methods – phone, Facebook, and abc.com, so I suppose I really had 33 votes. But that’s too much math, so we’ll just go with my Facebook votes.

My Week 3 Votes and Rankings: (11 votes available)
Nick and Sharna – 3
Alexa and Mark – 3
Alek and Lindsay – 1
Bindi and Derek – 1
Hayes and Emma – 1
Gary and Anna – 0
Carlos and Whitney – 1
Tamar and Val – 0
Andy and Allison – 1
Paula and Louis – 0
Kim and Tony – 0
Victor and Karina
Chaka and Keo

Who were your favorites? Who do you think should go home next? Do you have a winner in mind yet?

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