Ready for Black Friday?

Oh Holidays. Some of us love you, some of us hate you, and some of us tolerate you. Most of us spend too much money on you.

This year, let’s change that, shall we?

First things first, get your happy butts over to Ebates and sign up! If you shop online, you absolutely MUST be using this website. Basically, you get cash back for shopping! You can go to the retailer through the Ebates site, or download the toolbar (that’s what I did). It pops up to tell you when you’re shopping an Ebates partner, and all you do is activate the cash back feature. Every so often, stores have bonus cash back. Here are some of the current deals:

EbatesEbates also lists coupon codes on the site, so make sure you check those out too! I love this website….in 2014, I’ve gotten back over $60. In actual, real checks. They send them out quarterly.

There are a few stores that aren’t Ebates partners (namely, Amazon), but it’s still worth signing up. Heck, a buck is a buck, so even if you only get $1 back it’s worth it, right? For doing things you already do.

You also get referral credit, so once you’ve signed up go tell everyone you know to sign up. And yes, I shamelessly gave you my referral link. Full disclosure, folks.

And with Black Friday coming up (yay?) it’s the perfect way to sweeten the deal.

As for Black Friday, I’m a little over it. Seriously. What’s kinda funny is that the only thing I’m considering buying is dog toys, because Foster’s and Smith’s has a sale. It’s just too….too much. What’s that saying, something like “only in America do people trample each other the day after giving thanks”? Call me a grump, but I won’t be participating unless it’s from my couch. That said, if you’re shopping, I hope you find the deals you’re looking for.

Honestly though, I think the holidays are getting a bit too materialistic. I know. You love presents. You love giving them and you love getting them. I do too. It’s ok, we’re human. We like shiny things. And the holidays seem to be the one time we don’t mind blowing the budget and buying everything in sight. Well…until January, when we thoroughly regret it.

So ok. Buy something completely fun, maybe spend a little more than you would normally. Set a budget though, and try to stick to it. Come up with some low-cost gift ideas for friends and family. And coworkers. And neighbors. And mailpeople. Or forgo the gifts and share an experience. Or donate your time. There are any number of ways to celebrate without spending a ton of cash.

I started to do a series of posts, all cute with DIYs and instructions… but then I realized….crap. I don’t have pictures for these ideas yet, and I hate reading blog posts without pictures (like this one?!), so I’m going to have to have pictures. And I don’t want to steal someone else’s pictures, so that means I have to use my own. Which means I have to make or do all these things before I can share them with you.

And then I thought….this is going to take me forever and there’s no way I’m going to get this done in time for anyone else to actually use these ideas. So. What to do.

I could just make this easy and send you to my Gift It Pinterest board.

pinterest gift it

In fact, yeah. Let’s do that. Click on the picture, and it should take you there.

I’ll work on getting a couple of ideas posted – with pictures – but in the meantime, have fun with that board!!

Other fun news….I’ve created a Facebook blog page! True to form, I have no clue what I’m doing there. But I’m learning. It’d make me super happy if you’d “like” it. I’m thinking about slowing down on the blog some (going to twice a week maybe instead of three?) so I’ll be posting more on the FB page. I think. Anyway, like it here, and we’ll have some fun!

And if you’re not following me on Twitter, I’m finally starting to get the hang of that, so I’d love to connect with you there too!