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About Extreme You

• Hardcover: 320 pages
• Published: April 2017 by HarperBusiness
• Source: Publisher via TLC Book Tours

Goodreads Description“Every once in a while, you need someone standing by your shoulder, inspiring you, cheering you on, pushing you to go further. Sarah might be just the coach you’re looking for.”—Seth Godin, author of Linchpin

As a child, Sarah Robb O’Hagan dreamed she could be a champion. Her early efforts failed to reveal a natural superstar, but she refused to settle for average. Through dramatic successes and epic fails, she studied how extraordinary people in sports, entertainment and business set and achieve extremely personal goals. Sarah became an executive at Virgin Atlantic and Nike, and despite being fired twice in her twenties, she went on to become the global president of Gatorade and of Equinox—as well as a wife, mother, and endurance athlete.

In every challenging situation, personal or professional, individuals face the pressure to play it safe and conform to the accepted norms. But doing so comes with heavy costs: passions stifled, talents ignored, and opportunities squelched. The bolder choice is to embrace what Sarah calls Extreme You: to confidently bring all that is distinctive and relevant about yourself to everything you do.

Inspiring, surprising, and practical, Extreme You is her training program for becoming the best version of yourself.

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About Sarah Robb O’Hagan

Sarah Robb O’Hagan is an executive, activist, and entrepreneur, and the founder of Extreme You, a movement to unleash high performance. As the global president of Gatorade, she led its reinvention and turnaround, and she is the former president of Equinox Fitness Clubs. Named one of Forbes’s “Most Powerful Women in Sports” and one of Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business,” she has also held leadership positions at Nike and Virgin Atlantic Airways. She is now the CEO of the fitness company Flywheel Sports. A sought-after expert on innovation, brand reinvention, health, fitness, and inspiring human performance, Sarah lives with her family in New York.

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My Thoughts


Extreme You came to me at just the right time. I was feeling uninspired, stuck, and frankly, purposeless. I went into the book with no expectations, and quickly realized it was the book I’d been looking for.

In Extreme You, O’Hagan encourages us to embrace what makes us us, and to develop those skills to the utmost or extreme. She breaks the book down into eight chapters, focusing first on how to identify what sets us apart from others. Then she gives us a little tough love, and a reminder to “Get Over Ourselves” – in other words, to recognize that while we’re awesome, we’re not the world’s gift to xyz. The last half of the book talks about how to translate our gifts into action, and make change.

While there wasn’t anything profound in O’Hagan’s ideas, I appreciated her no-nonsense approach and straight talk. Reading her book is a little like having a conversation with someone – someone who happens to be inside your head anticipating all your excuses and reactions. Her writing is approachable, and as is true with all personal growth books, full of both things I took to heart and things I passed on.

I also enjoyed reading about O’Hagan’s life – the book is made up largely of anecdotes (both hers and those of people she knows). I’d never heard of her, and it’s always fun to me to read about people who’ve made such strides. I admire her for her passion and commitment, and definitely think she’s a role model for women at all stages in their careers. Men too, I suppose!

Like I said, Extreme You came to me when I needed it most. I needed a not-so-subtle reminder that I am worthwhile, that I do have talents to share with the world, and that I’ve been slacking off and letting life happen instead of taking the bull by the horns. For that alone, Extreme You gets my vote.



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