Garden Veggie Pizza

Anybody love veggies? Yes? Great. Anybody love pizza? Yes? Also great. Anybody love veggies on a pizza? Yes? FANTASTIC. Me too. Jimmie and I really enjoy making our own pizza. It’s kind of like a date night, because seriously, it’s a whole process. It takes forever, but it’s so worth it, because the pizza is delicious. And really, it’s fun. And plus, how many people do you know who actually make their own pizza, crust and sauce and everything? (Major cool points, right?) Our garden is producing, and I was really craving veggies, so on our most recent pizza night I decided to try a veggie pizza. OMG IT WAS AMAZING. Seriously. Life changing. And it’s beautiful. 0611141907bDrool. And…you guessed it. I’m sharing the recipe with you. So you can be a pizza goddess too. It starts with making the dough. You can do this ahead of time and freeze it, or you can do it the day of. We did it the day of, but usually we freeze it. If you freeze it, just know that you’re going to need to give it about a day in the fridge to thaw. I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures of the dough-making. Then, it was time to prep the veggies. (And I apologize – I’m now beginning to see why so many bloggers recommend a decent camera. I mean, my phone is awesome, but if I had a real camera and knew how to use it, these would be so much better.)

0611141755That’s a zucchini from my garden, and some broccoli from my garden. No, I didn’t grow the onion or the garlic. I ended up chopping up the broccoli stalks to put on the pizza too, because I hated to just ditch all that yumminess. And I actually tend to eat as much of the vegetable as I can, so…..

0611141812The garlic was actually for the sauce. I know it looks gross. Just trust me. I wasn’t feeling a red sauce, and I didn’t want a super-heavy Alfredo, so I improvised. It was kind of a mix between a garlic white base and an Alfredo, but nowhere near as heavy. I threw spinach in at the last minute, and it was definitely a good decision.

0611141812aI really heaped it on the pizza. I was worried it would be too much, but it was perfect.

0611141825Finally, time to put the toppings on, and bake! And watch the oven like a hawk until it’s ready…..

0611141831And then….ENJOY!!!

0611141852aYummm…This tastes like summer. Light and filling all at the same time. And satisfying, not only for dinner, but for the sheer fact that everything was made from scratch and there are things I grew on it. How fun is that? Ready for the recipe? Note: You need a pizza stone for this. If you don’t have one, check your local TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. We paid less than $10 for ours, and it came with a pizza cutter. It’s well worth the investment. Also, fellow cheapies…I mentioned this once before, but YES, you need the bread flour. Do not skimp and get the all-purpose. It won’t work. I know it’s expensive for flour. Take a deep breath, and think of all the yummy pizzas you’re going to make. We get at least 4 dough batches out of each bag. Just shell out the $6, k?

Garden Veggie Pizza

Making the Crust: (adapted from Annie’s Eats)


  1. I don’t know how I missed this blog, but I did. First of all, we love pizza and make it often. We make a sourdough crust using John’s starter and it’s delicious, but don’t have a good recipe for red pizza sauce. If you’ve got one you and Jimmie like, I’d love to have it. I also love your wire racks for spices. I’ve got to get some of these. One shelf in the cupboard just doesn’t work.

    Okay, on to your pizza. It looks delicious and I love that your using fresh veggies from your garden. We’ve never grown broccoli but I’m going to bug John about that. Yum. You’ve made me hungry! Hugs, Pat

    1. We are actually still looking for a good red sauce recipe too! You’ve given me a mission. Your sourdough crust sounds amazing… I’d love the recipe!

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