Gift Guide: Pop Chart Labs

Hellllo friends! It’s been a hot minute, hasn’t it?

I’m back from Montana and Shaky Knees and I’ve got oh-so-many things to share with you that I’m brimming with excitement. Can’t you tell? Brimming.

But first things first, I want everyone to know that I’m AHEAD on my Father’s Day shopping this year. (Nevermind that I totally missed his birthday and his card is still sitting on my table. Ahem.) Ahead.

A few weeks ago I received a really awesome poster from Pop Chart Labs in exchange for review. I’d never heard of them, but as soon as I saw their posters I knew I had to have one. I’m such a geek for anything even remotely resembling an infographic, and these posters are freakin’ awesome.

I got to choose, and because I wasn’t really thinking much besides “what’ll look cool in the house?” I chose the Giant-Size Omnibus of Superpowers.

Superpowers print

So before I tell you about the graphics, I’ve got to mention the product itself. These are a little pricey – for me – at about $30. I think the Superpower one is $35. But, as soon as I saw it, I realized….this is not your standard run of the mill Spencer’s poster. These things are printed on heavy 100 lb archival stock paper. In English, that means you’re getting something that’s art gallery quality. It comes packaged in a nifty little test tube, and each print is individually signed by the artists.

How cool is that??

Back to the Superpowers poster. This thing is the ultimate comic book fan gift. I mean….wow. It’s even fun for those of us who aren’t super fans. According to the website:

In its 3rd iteration, this is the universe’s most extensive charting of superpowers. The sprawling taxonomy of over 200 superpowers and 600 superheroes and villains spreads over six square feet. Powers from the mighty (Super Strength and Immortality) to the meek (Open Any Window) to the weird (Infinite Mouth Storage) are charted, along with the characters that wield these awesome abilities, spanning the past 75 years of comic book history from the giant publishers like Marvel and DC to indies like IDW, Image, and Dark Horse. And all of it is rendered in a design that pays tribute to the great cosmic covers of the Bronze Age of comics. ‘Nuff said!

Here’s a closeup:

Pop Chart Superhero CloseupSorry it’s blurry. My battery was dying and I’m too lazy to take a better one.

I had a lot of fun finding characters I loved, and then finding new ones I’d never heard of. Will o’ the Wisp? Junkpile? Yes, please.

We framed ours – in a ratty old poster frame – to make it look even more impressive. No, it’s not on my living room wall.

I like the Superpowers poster so much that I bought one for my dad for Father’s Day. He’s a camera buff, so I knew this one was perfect.

Pop Chart Cameras

There are coffee posters. Beer posters. Pasta posters.

For the music lovers, there are guitar posters. Rap name posters. Music note posters.

Cat posters, dog posters, sports posters, literature posters, shoe posters, flower posters.

Really, just check them out.

And let me know which one(s) you buy!!

Buy Pop Chart Labs posters on their website. Make sure you check out their housewares too – super cute stuff!!