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2017 Gift Guide: Gifts for Travelers

Continuing our Gift Guide series, next up we have Gifts for Travelers. I’ll be honest, I had a ton of fun putting this guide together, and it’s inspired some major wanderlust.

I’ll admit I’m not exactly one to travel light. I certainly can, if I need to, but I don’t tend to take trips where I need to limit my stuff. While yes, it annoys me to pay for a checked bag, I’d rather cough up the cash than get frustrated with trying to cram everything into a carry-on. I like to have options, and I like to have room for books and souvenirs. That said, I also try to make sure everything I put in my suitcase is worthy of the space it takes. I put this list together with a hefty dose of suitcase-worthy items (and one not-so-suitcase-worthy).

Similar to the Gifts for Book Lovers Guide, I searched out a handful of gifts under $100. But, this time there’s one amazing splurge. Scroll down to see some of my favorites this year, and let me know where you’re traveling next!

Travel Stocking Stuffers

travel gift luggage tags

We tend to just tie ribbons on our suitcases, but only because I usually forget about luggage tags until we get to the airport. I’m partial to the Pizza Tag, but if that’s too funky for you, this Vintage Suitcase Tag is quite nice. Or hey, get both since they’re $7 each!

travel gift anywhere guide

One of my favorite things about traveling is getting off the beaten path and exploring like a local. The Anywhere Travel Guide ($13) is a pocket-sized set of 75 cards that helps you do just that. Throw it into your bag, and next time you travel, pull out a couple of cards at random. Will you be tasked to “Ask a stranger where their favorite street is, and go there,” or will you get something like “Whisper to a tree”? I love this idea.

Travel Gifts Under $50

travel gift passport wallet

Years ago, I ordered super cheap passport wallets off Ebay for our first trip to Mexico. They’re ugly, they’re starting to fall apart, and they’ve been insanely useful. I’ve had my eye on this $15 gorgeous turquoise Travel Wallet for two years, and I plan on ordering it before our next trip. It comes in a wide variety of colors, so if turquoise isn’t your thing, you have options. (Though I’m not sure we can be friends if you don’t like turquoise!) These wallets are so handy for holding passports, pens, travel documents, and cash. I ditch the purse and just slide this in my carry-on whenever we fly.

travelgift book lonely planet

There’s no shortage of travel books, but I really like Lonely Planet’s Book of Everything: A Visual Guide to Travel and the World ($14). Wherever you’re going, this book is sure to help you with everything from how to properly greet someone to how to read Hieroglyphics. Tons of useful and fun information.

travel gift scratchmap

If you head over to my Travel Adventures page you’ll see I’m a huge fan of maps that show where I’ve been. What’s better, then, than a Scratch-Off World Map? I like this $30 one because it’s a good size, has the US states depicted (instead of just the whole country), and has beautiful watercolors once you scratch places off. It even has points of interest. (This is the one you’ll want to leave out of that suitcase!)

travel gift diffuser kit

Over the last 8 months or so, we’ve been diffusing essential oils nearly every night. We enjoy the scent, and if there are medicinal properties, even better. They’re soothing, and we have a rather large collection by this point, so it’s fun to create new combinations. I miss the diffuser when I travel for work, and we even contemplated taking it on our recent trip to Atlanta. This $30 Travel Diffuser Kit would have been perfect! It comes with three of our favorite oils – lemongrass, peppermint, and lavender, and looks like the perfect size to toss in a suitcase.

travel gift luggage scale

If you, or your favorite traveler, do not own a luggage scale, ignore everything else on this list and buy this $14 Tarriss Digital Luggage Scale. I’ve been that person frantically trying to rearrange my suitcase to get under the weight limit. Because I always bring home beer. Skip all the hassle and use your own scale before you get there.

Travel Gift Splurge

travel gift mia toro gelato luggage

Just trust me on this. I know, I know. $400 is a lot of money, but this luggage set is amazing. I have it in aqua (imagine that), and I get so many compliments. It brightens my day whenever I see my suitcase, no joke. It comes in pink, orange, lime, and aqua, though you may have a hard time finding the aqua. Aesthetics aside, the Mia Toro Gelato Luggage has a built-in lock, an interior pocket separator, and the smoothest wheels I’ve ever felt on a suitcase. It’s lightweight, scratch resistant, and scuffs wash right off. Jimmie bought me my set before Mexico, and other than the dog, it’s probably my favorite thing he’s ever gotten me. I used to be one of those people who refused to spend money on luggage. I didn’t see the point since it just gets banged up. Now I get it. I 100% get it. (And my luggage is fine, in case you were wondering.)


Happy shopping!


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