Goodwill Haul and Pinterest Plans

Long, long ago, in a blog post far away….

Ok. Sorry. (Bonus points if you get the reference.)

Remember a few months ago when I mentioned all the great ideas I had? No? Well, then, read this post.

I promised a lot of things in that post. Yoga, gardening (actually I think that was a different post, but whatever), home improvement, DIYs and crafting…..and all I can tell you is, those are all coming. Something to look forward to!

And to kick it off, I’ve decided to share my recent Goodwill score with you….both because it was exciting, and because if I tell you about this project I have planned, it’ll be a way of keeping me accountable. And then Jimmie won’t send me off to Pinterest rehab (which seriously exists).

I’ve had this idea for a while, but finally sort of committed to it a couple months ago. I’ve been scouring Goodwills for the last year or so, picking up random things here and there. I ended up with a lot of picture frames, and then I saw this on Pinterest.

gallery wall inspirationSuddenly, I had a brilliant idea for my boring hallway, my random picture frames, and my “Wise Words” Pinterest board. Mine isn’t going to look much like this, but you get the idea. (Jimmie, if you’re reading this, I promise not to make it look like a box of crayons threw up on our wall. Much.)

So I’ve been gradually collecting pictures and images and frames. Last week I ventured over to Goodwill – I hadn’t been since before Mexico. Not only did I find a couple great frames, check out the baskets!!

Checking the GoodsOh, sorry, you can’t see them, because my darlings needed to check everything out first. Sniff.

Goodwill HaulThis, my friends, is what you call a Goodwill Haul. All of this for $14.

The square basket *almost* matches perfectly with the other baskets on our “dog” shelf…where all the toys and treats and leashes go. It’s close enough that unless you’re staring at them side by side, you can’t tell. Since it doesn’t have a liner, I now have the option of either removing the other liners, or making a new set for all of them. Or…let’s be honest. Having one unlined basket. Yep, that’ll probably be the decision, at least for the next 8 months or so.

The little cat frame is actually going to be a Christmas present for my mom, who constantly sends me pictures of her cat Sophie. ***Insert every cat lady cliche you know here.*** She’ll love it.

As for the round frame, aren’t those geese horrible? I’ve got to figure out how to get them out of there, but the shape is great. A little paint, and voila! And the other frame…shudder. BUT…have heart. (Grin!) Spraypainted, both the mat and the frame will look lovely. Another new paint job for the mirror, and you’re looking at three new gallery wall pieces.

The large basket I bought with the idea to turn it into pillow/blanket storage in the living room. I’m not sure I like the end result….(sorry for the horrible photo; it was taken on my iPhone while my LG was in the hospital)

BasketI’ll figure it out sooner or later. We just rehomed our upright piano, so I have a lot more space in the living room to play with.

I didn’t buy it, but I did come across this print that made me pause. I used to have one exactly like this. I don’t think it’s mine, though – I don’t remember getting rid of it. It’s possible, who knows. Regardless, I loved this picture as a kid, even though I don’t think I ever prayed at bedtime.

Prayer PrintAs for the last item, I bought this because the colors were awesome and because I think it’ll look fantastic if I can figure out how to make a bow or something out of it and stick it on a summer wreath. It was hidden in the scarf section, which I’ve never checked out before. I think this cost me like a quarter or something crazy like that. I suppose I could always wear it in my hair if I can’t craft with it…though it might make me look like a pre-teen. Shrug.

ScarfWe also lucked out and found a treadmill for Jimmie’s mom….a fully functioning Proform for $75. New it would have been $600, so she got a killer deal.

I need a few more frames for my gallery wall, and then I have to figure out which images to use and which to use in each frame. And then hang it all. I’m also not entirely sure how to take a picture once it’s up, but I’ll figure that out later. All that to say….it’ll likely be Christmas before I get this done. Hey, maybe that’s a goal!!

What’s your favorite Goodwill find? Do you scour the shelves for your Pinterest projects?


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