Travel: Greenville, South Carolina

This summer has been full of travel, which makes me incredibly happy. Sure, it’s tiring, but it’s also exciting. I love new places. If I had my way, we’d jet off to exotic locations at the drop of a hat.

Sadly, while we now have passports, we don’t quite have the funds to be true jetsetters. (If anyone would like to change that for us, my contact information is in the “Get in Touch” tab above…..) So, we took our big Mexico trip, and then managed to squeeze in a couple smaller, local (i.e., driveable) trips.

Jimmie’s best friend lives in South Carolina, and while we’ve been to see him a few times, we haven’t always gotten out to enjoy the area. That changed this summer! We packed up the car, including Lucy, and drove the 4 hours for a quick SC weekend.

We started out on Lake Greenwood. Greenwood is a small town about an hour from Greeneville, and its main claim to fame (so far as I know) is the lake. With good reason…

Lake Greenwood, SCThat picture’s not edited, folks. No filter, either. Just straight up blue. And the water…so clear. So unlike the lakes here in Tennessee, that look more like you’re swimming in sewage. Shudder.

So we prowled around the lake for a while, and eventually came to a railroad trestle. We drove under it, and found the entrance to Hidden Lake – which is really just another part of the same lake, but it’s kind of an adventure getting there. Worth checking out, definitely.

Hidden Lake TrestleFind the trestle, then take a right after you go under it. You’ll see this:

Entrance to Hidden LakeKeep going through the channel (you’ll have to be at the really slow speed – I forget what it’s called) and you’ll eventually see Hidden Lake.

Hidden Lake, Lake Greenwood, SCOne thing we discovered on this adventure is that Lucy does not like boats. She hid under the steering wheel the entire time. Guess huskies and water don’t mix….(sadly, I don’t have a picture of this). The day was gorgeous, and it was really nice to just relax on the water.

After a few fun games of Hoopla and an incredibly boring game of Scrabble, we called it a night. I spent more time playing with my letters than I did actually playing the game. Words with Friends has ruined me.

ScrabbleThe next day we hit Greenville to check out Total Wine and a street festival. Total Wine is this amazing liquor and wine store that has everything you could ever want at crazy good prices. We don’t have them here, and it breaks my heart. Needless to say, we stocked up.

I couldn’t tell you the name of the street festival. There were a few tables with things for sale, but nothing we were really interested in. There was beer, though. We had some, then headed over to Falls Park to check out the Liberty Bridge. It’s a suspension bridge, and only slightly nausea-inducing.

Falls Park - Greenville, SC

Liberty Bridge - Falls Park - Greenville, SCDinner was at Smoke on the Water, whose tagline is “a saucy southern tavern.” I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend it if you’re in the Greenville area.  I had the prime rib, and OMG yum. Yum yum yum. I was too busy stuffing my face to take a picture….I’m so sorry. Just go there and eat it.

While we were walking around, we also came across the Peace Center, the performing arts hall. They’ve got The Book of Mormon coming in November and Wicked in February, so I think we’ll be making another few trips to Greenville in the near future.

Where else should we go for a quick weekend getaway? Any suggestions?