Jackalope Brewery

I know, I know. I promised this post….oh, a while ago.

There’s a good reason it’s so late in coming, I swear.

See, I was that girl going through the brewery tour with her cell phone out, taking notes. And then, I got fed up with said phone, because it was slow and stupid. So what did I do? I copied all my pictures, and wiped the phone. Annnnnd apparently forgot to backup the notes I’d taken.


So we’re going off memory alone. I’m so sorry, Jackalope. I’ll do my best.

Way back in October, when we were in Nashville, we skipped most of Blocktoberfest in favor of touring local breweries. We started with Yazoo, then walked two blocks down to Jackalope.

Jackalope BreweryJackalope Brewery is a woman-owned craft brewery in Nashville. They started in 2011, and have a staff of 4 making the beer. It’s pretty incredible when you think about it. They don’t bottle – they do can one of their beers, but mostly the way to get Jackalope beer is to drink it on tap somewhere. And they’re pretty limited in distribution. Outside Nashville, only Chattanooga has their beer. (So come see me in Tennessee!!!)

Jackalope Brewery (2)Their brewing operation is one large room. They’ve got 4 flagship beers, then they do seasonals. I think they said they had 6 beers going at any one time.

Jackalope BreweingI didn’t get a very good picture of the taproom, but they had a lot of neat stuff in there. We were given these super awesome glasses for our tour. It cost us $7 each, and we got pretty sizeable samples of the four flagship beers.

Jackalope Beer GlassSomething fun – all the beers at Jackalope are named after creatures that don’t exist. I’m not sure why, but I like it.

Thunder Ann American Pale Ale: This was Jimmie’s favorite, and the only beer they can. It’s fairly hoppy for a pale ale. Delicious – somewhat light, somewhat bitter.

Rompo Red Rye Ale: I’m not sure how to describe this one. I didn’t think it had a whole lot of flavor. It wasn’t bad, but it was pretty mild. It was our least favorite of the four because of that.

Bearwalker Maple Brown Ale: I don’t like browns, so I didn’t care for this. Jimmie enjoyed it, but was hoping to have tasted more of the maple syrup. It had more of a chocolate flavor. He’d buy it again.

Leghorn Rye IPA: IPAs are all me. Jimmie hated it, but don’t let that fool you. I’d never had a Rye IPA, and OMG it was delicious. The perfect combination of hops and malt, it was a full flavor that wasn’t super heavy. I’d drive to Nashville just for this beer, I think.

The tour itself was great – there were about 8 of us, so it wasn’t super formal. Sally, one of the brewers and our guide, was hilarious. And we got nearly full glasses of each beer, so well worth the $14.

C&J at JackalopeAfter our tour, we stopped in the taproom to try a sampler. I’d been really excited about the Spruce IPA, but it was way too dark for me. Direwolf was my favorite of the sampler, but now I can’t remember what it tasted like. Fail.

Jackalope SamplerWe had a great time at Jackalope. We were really impressed with their beer. Truthfully, we enjoyed it more than Yazoo, but it’s hard to compare them. They are such different breweries. Yazoo is a commercial operation. Jackalope is a much smaller operation. More laid back, which is probably why we enjoyed it more. And, they had really awesome t-shirts.

We found out that there are a whole bunch of craft breweries in Nashville, so we’re already talking about a trip back.

Check out Jackalope Brewery online here!