Julep Resort Collection

Julep is a monthly subscription box service, specializing in nail color. When you sign up to be a Julep Maven, you take a beauty profile, and you get classified as one of five style profiles: Classic With a Twist, Bombshell, Boho Glam, It Girl, and Modern Beauty. For those who care, I’m an “It Girl.” Each style has a different monthly box, but you can choose another box if you like the colors better. That’s one of the things I love about Julep – that, and they send you an email every month, showing you what the boxes are, so you can decide whether to take the box or not. If you do, they’re $19.99 and you get at least 2 polishes.

This time last year, I signed up for Julep. I got my free box, but to be honest, I wasn’t crazy about the colors I got. My fault, really – I should have picked another box! Since my first free box, I actually haven’t bought any of my monthly boxes. I almost bought February’s, but decided to hold off for budget reasons. Mostly I’ve just been trying not to go overboard, so I’ve been skipping.

However, I’ve snagged a few random polishes here and there, so it’s safe to say I’m a Julep fan. Without fail, every polish I’ve received has been fantastic…gorgeous colors, smooth application, and chip-resistant. So when I opened the email inviting me to the Secret Store a couple weeks ago, I couldn’t resist. (The Secret Store is a Maven-only sale section.) I picked up Glam Roc, which had been in the February box I almost bought, and The Resort Collection. Stay tuned for the Glam Roc review!

The Resort Collection features 3 mini polishes (Lani, Anita, and Malia) that pair well with cruises, cabanas, and coastlines. Plus, you get a free mini Freedom Polymer Top Coat. All for $11.99 if you’re a Maven.

First of all, how adorable is the packaging?!0512141608I love that the polishes show through the cutouts and become the “swimsuits.” Too cute! Makes me this much more excited for summer!

I knew the bottles would be small, but they were a little on the small size even for me. Each bottle is maybe an inch tall, plus another inch for the brush. They come in at .12 fl oz, which is a little less than half the full-size polishes. I found the brushes to be a little thicker than the standard brushes, but it didn’t affect how well the polish went on, so it’s not an issue. 05121416090512141609aMalia is a Brilliant Coral Crème, and my favorite of the collection. It’s so bright! It’s much more neon orange than coral, or maybe neon coral. I love it. It’s difficult to find an orange/coral that isn’t too red, and this one is perfect. Looking at this, the word that comes to mind is juicy. It was completely opaque in one coat. 

Lani is a Mediterranean Teal Blue CrèmeIt’s actually very very similar to another Julep polish I have and love (Lena), but without the gold shimmer. I only needed one coat for great coverage, though I ended up with two just for kicks. The color is gorgeous…reminds me of the Caribbean Ocean.

And guys…I know my cuticles are horrendous. I’m sorry. Workin’ on it.


Malia and Lani on the ring finger

Anita is a Berry Sorbet Crème that’s a lot more magenta than I was expecting. I don’t know why, I mean, it says Berry. It’s very pretty, but my least favorite of the three. I also had a little bit harder time with the formula – it was a little streaky, but that could have just been because I’m horrible at painting my toes. Speaking of, I apologize for the foot photo, but you should be happy that I at least gave myself a pedicure first.



As for the Freedom Polymer Top Coat, it went on super smooth and glossy. I actually used it on my right hand, and my standard Revlon Top Coat on the left for comparison. After 2 days, the polish on my right hand is almost entirely gone for chipping or peeling. Another thing about the Freedom Polymer that I wasn’t a fan of was the smell. It stinks to high heaven. Julep says it dries faster, but I didn’t notice much of a difference. Also, it seemed to create ridges where the two polish coats overlapped, and I didn’t experience that with the Revlon. All that to say, I wouldn’t buy it.

The Resort Collection was just what I needed to get ready for summer – these polishes are gorgeous and bright and make me think of the beach! And true to Julep form, they are high quality polishes that go on smooth and hold up for days. (And believe me, I’m hard on my nails!) You can buy the collection on the Julep website: http://www.julep.com/resort-collection.html. 

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I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are purely my own.