Zoe's Corner: July Barkbox

Zoe's CornerZoe’s back with her July Barkbox review!

Back in May we found a Groupon for a 3-month Barkbox subscription. July’s box was the last in that subscription. Check out our May and June reviews too! 

Side note: Yes, I know it’s August. It’s totally my fault this is so late. Zoe was ready to post this the day after it arrived…and I wasn’t. Oops.

July BarkboxSorry we didn’t take pictures of everything. July was kind of a hectic month, so honestly I think it’s a win that we even got one picture.

Oh, and so before I begin, I should mention that when we opened the box, it was full of ants. Eww. The treats were all sealed, but still…ants? Ick. Needless to say, I’ve been hesitant to give them any of the treats, though really that doesn’t matter because the kids will eat most anything. Well, 3 of the 4 anyway.

July’s box was “seashore-inspired,” which was kinda cute. Unlike Birchbox, the theme actually did seem to make a difference. Everything was blue and beachy. Love it.

Loopies Fish Bone Toy: By now, we are overflowing with dog toys. Will we stop? No. I love the color on this, and the pups love playing with it. It’s a little hard for them to pick up, which makes it highly amusing. And they haven’t ripped it to shreds yet, so that’s a huge bonus.

Bixbi Daily Essentials Chicken Breast Jerky Treats: These are wheat, corn, and soy free. They’ve also got blueberries and cranberries for an antioxidant boost.

Healthy Dogma Coconut Flavor Barkers: First of all, I adore the packaging. How fun is that?! Barkbox goofed on the card description (they reprinted the Bixbi blurb), so I had to do some digging. These are wheat, corn, and soy free too, and have both coconut and pumpkin in them.

Etta Says Duck Chew: We’ve now got 3 giant chewies, so one more, and everyone gets one. This was the most highly sniffed item in the box.

Mr. Barksmith’s Pina Colada Smoothie: Not gonna lie, this was perplexing. You can freeze it, or just give it to them room temperature. We’ll freeze it, I think. It’s made from human-grade ingredients, so I suppose that means we could share it….but no.

I’m a little sad to see the end of our Barkbox subscription. Zoe’s heartbroken. In the end, though, we decided to take the $30 a month we’d spend to continue the sub and just buy more dog treats. An easy compromise. We’re glad we tried it, though, and highly recommend it!


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