Zoe's Corner: K9 Joint Relief

Zoe's CornerThis post should probably be called Lucy’s Corner – no, no, no, NOTHING has happened to the Zoester. But Lucy has gotten far more use out of this product than Zoe. So….ZoeLucy’s Corner?

A couple months ago we reviewed Pet Doctor’s Hip and Joint Supplement (read that review here). Then, we had another opportunity to try a second glucosamine supplement through Tomoson. Because we have 4 old, large, pupperoos, we’re all about trying products in exchange for a review. Supplements aren’t cheap, and it’s always a toss up whether you spend the money on something relatively untested or not. So we appreciate the review opportunity – and you can expect to see a couple more in the next few months. I figure this will help you make informed decisions too, right?


Anyway, back to ZoeLucy. Zoe’s in one of her picky eater phases, which is why Lucy has been the tester this time around. (I’m having to feed my dog WHOLE TURKEYS just to keep her from looking all skeletal on me. The things we do for love.) Lucy is 9, a husky mix, and our sweetest, hyperest dog.

Coleman Weatheredge TentLucy’s pretty healthy, other than a weird compulsion to eat the pads off her feet. Sigh. But she’s a large breed, and she runs over everyone and everything, so it’s just a matter of time before arthritis sets in. (Though to be honest, I don’t know that she’ll ever “go slow.”) So she gets to be our test puppy for K9 Joint Relief.

K9 Joint Relief contains glucosamine,¬†chondroitin and MSM, the trifecta for any decent joint supplement. This is a maximum strength formula, and is one of the highest combinations I’ve seen. Like most supplements, we need a ton for Lucy, but with a large dog that’s what you’d expect. Pricewise this is a little higher than some of the others, but still a reasonable $38 on Amazon.

One of the things I find interesting with this supplement versus others is that it doesn’t need to be refrigerated. I’m not sure why that is, and frankly, I don’t trust it, so my bottle has been parked in the fridge. I’m sure it’d be fine, but I’m used to having it in the fridge anyway, so that’s where it is.

Lucy seems to be doing just fine on it. She wasn’t exhibiting symptoms before, so I can’t see any visible improvement, but I don’t have any reason to think it’s not doing exactly what it says it is! If I could get Zoe to eat it, then we might know….I’ll work on that.

You can check out K9 Joint Relief’s website, or purchase a bottle¬†through Amazon. Don’t forget to shop AmazonSmile to have a portion of your purchase donated to the charity of your choice!