Knitted Bow Tie Collar Tutorial

This is a fun one.

Are you ready?

I present to you…..

KittyCat Bow Tie Collars

Sophie BowReally.

Actually, they don’t HAVE to be for kittycats. It just so happens that the first one I made was for my mom’s cat, though Zoe wore it too. (Yes, she’s getting her own.)

Zoe Red BowI found the idea on Pinterest (where else?) and made a few modifications. As my bestie calls me, I’m a “lazy but inventive” knitter. She’s absolutely right. If you don’t believe me, I routinely tie knots instead of weaving in my ends. Yup.

Anyway, I found inspiration on Pinterest, and simplified it. Even for me, this is a fairly quick project. The first one took me a while, but now I can make one in about an hour. All you need to know is garter stitch. You can easily make these to any size you want, so they can be cat collars, dog collars, baby headbands, or even bracelets. I’m currently working on a red and green one for Luka for our Tacky Sweater Party. You won’t want to miss that post.

This is a great beginner project since it’s garter stitch – awesome for practicing stitches, and it’s something besides coasters. And dishcloths. And a bow tie collar is nowhere near as intimidating as a scarf. And….these are much more fun to give as gifts. Everyone thinks they’re adorable, and everyone has a pet who just ABSOLUTELY-NEEDS-ONE. Trust me. When have I steered you wrong?

I used plain old Red Heart acrylic yarn for these bad boys. I don’t love this yarn – but I bought a bunch of it before I knew what nice yarn was. That said, it works well for the collars, and it’s cheap. If you buy 2 colors you’re looking at, what, $6? Think how many bow ties that could make. This is also a great project for using up yarn you don’t love…..

I used size 6 needles but it all depends on your yarn and the look you’re going for. Ready for the pattern?

Needles Size 6

Bow Tie Collar

This is knit in two pieces, the bow and the collar.

Bow: Cast on 10 stitches; Knit in garter stitch until approximately 3 inches long. Weave the tail ends in to the middle of the piece. Using the tail ends from cast on and bind off, wrap the center of the piece to create a bow. You’ll need to adjust this to get the “bow” shape. Tie the ends in a knot on the back side of your bow, and cut off excess.

Bow Ends

Bow Wrap

BowCollar: Cast on 40 stitches (this will give you a collar that’s approximately 9 inches long, adjust as needed); Knit 4 or 5 rows in garter stitch, or until desired width is reached. You can either seam the ends together for a banded collar or leave the ends unseamed and use the tails to tie the collar on.

Sew the bow to the collar. I use yarn, but you could use thread or embroidery floss too.

Neon BowWhat do you think of the 80s collar? There are so many possibilities with this one….one color, two colors, stripes, patterns….if you make one, please share your pictures! I’d love to see yours!!!

Oh, and Jimmie wanted me to name this post….”How to do things that will make people who know you feel embarrassed.” So be warned. This project *might* turn you into a crazy-knitting-cat/dog-lady.

Would that be so terrible?


  1. That you so much for this pattern ! I searched all over the internet looking for a simple but cute pattern. Can whip this up in Christmas colors in a jiffy I think ! My black cat “Jet” will look spiffy in this..He a show off so I think he will have no trouble wearing itit !

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