Knitting: My Love-Hate Affair

Me and my bright ideas. (side note… I’ll give someone a dollar if you can tell me how many of my posts have started out exactly that same way.)

A dear friend is about to have a dear daughter. Naturally any old gift won’t do… I have to knit her a baby bib.

Did I mention she’s at 35 weeks already?

And let me tell you….I’m not gonna make it. The kid’s gonna be 6 before I finish this damn thing. But, if there’s one thing knitting has taught me, it’s patience…but really, knitting has taught me a lot, so in honor of the little munchkin, I thought I’d do a post on Things I’ve Learned From Knitting.

  • Like many things in life, you get better results when you stop holding on so tightly.
  • There will always be mistakes. Sometimes you can fix them. Sometimes you can ignore them. Sometimes you have to start over or just forget the whole idea and try something else.
  • Yarn can be shaped into something beautiful,  and can just as easily be torn apart. People are the same way.
  • No matter how great you think you are, there will always be imperfections. Imperfections make a thing unique and beautiful and wholly your own.
  • People and yarn don’t always live up to your expectations. A beautiful yarn can be ugly when you try to make it into something it’s not meant to be. Sometimes the colors you see on the outside don’t match the colors you see with the finished product. Sometimes a seemingly ugly yarn is beautiful once you get to know it.
  • Some yarns are soft,  some are delicate, some are strong, and some are coarse. They all have a purpose.
  • It’s easier to get tangled up than it is to untangle. Take care.
  • Anyone can tell you how to knit,  but ultimately the only way you’ll learn is to try it.
  • There is no shame in being terrible at something you’ve never done before. Children are proud of everything they create. As adults we lose that,  but as knitters we find it again. No matter how ugly your creation, you love it dearly because you gave it life.

I’m really not kidding, the child is going to be walking before I get this bib done. And really, it’s incredibly ugly, but I’ve put a lot of effort into it already, so I’m going to finish it….

Happy Birthday, kidling.


  1. Love it! Everything you wrote is just so true but once again you’ve made me look at something differently. Gonna go get out my knitting. I’ve got a scarf I’ve been working on for my sweet DIL and I’d like to finish it before Christmas. Note I did not say next Christmas!

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