Living Nature Lip Products


Living Nature gave me the huge honor of naming me their May 2014 Blogstar for my review of the goodies they sent me a little while ago! I am so overwhelmed, and so thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them. In case you couldn’t tell, I think they’re fabulous.

They’ve kindly provided me with a couple of their lip products to try – the Lip Hydrator and one of their lead-free Lipsticks. If you read my last Living Nature post, you know I was curious about the hydrator!

0616141909Like the last time, getting the box from New Zealand was super exciting. It also apparently smelled amazing, because Lucy and Zoe were all over me when I was trying to open it. Sniffing and nosing and licking….dogs love Living Nature, too!


Yes, I’m in my pajamas. Don’t judge me.

Lip Hydrator

Pure conditioning moisture your lips will love! Living Nature’s new Lip Hydrator is an advanced lip balm formulation in a stick form; easier to use and longer-lasting. It’s your lip primer and conditioner in one; use under your favourite Living Nature lipsticks or wear alone for deep hydration and protection and as an overnight moisture boost.

Lip Hydrator features Manuka Honey, plus nourishing butters and oils to deeply hydrate and condition (with no greasy texture) while Mica gives lips a healthy sheen, and natural sun protection. Lavish your lips with its luxurious application and richness along with antimicrobial and anti-oxidant advantages, long-lasting suppleness and soothing benefits. 

I was really excited to try this – I’m one of those people who carries a lip balm in every pocket, purse, automobile I’m in. I have them in every room in my house, because I can’t stand dry lips. I’m not as bad as I used to be about licking them all the time, thankfully, so I suppose that’s an improvement.

Side note – I really love that the box told me to smile. Adorable. And the packaging is gorgeous. Sleek and black. Very chic.

0616141910aWhen I first put this on, I was skeptical. It didn’t feel like typical lip balm. In fact, I could barely feel it. It almost felt….dry. Believe it or not. But, after a minute, I realized my lips actually felt pretty good. They felt moisturized, but not slimy. Not heavy. They just felt…like lips. Weird, right? I peeked in the mirror, and holy batman my lips looked good. All those little feathers were gone, and they actually looked smooth. Huh.

I ended up sleeping it in that first night, and when I woke up, my lips were still moisturized. Call me convinced.

If you’re used to slimy lip balm, this is going to be really weird to you at first. You literally can’t feel it. You’ll keep thinking you need to reapply, so you’ll check in (you know what I’m talking about, where you do that little weird smack-your-lips-together-thing to see if you need more?) and lo and behold, you won’t need more. It’s gonna be strange. You’re gonna feel like you’re missing something. You’re not. Give it a couple days, and you’ll be used to it. And your lips will be happy as clams.

I’m curious to see if over time, this has a long-lasting moisturizing effect, and my “naked” lips end up looking better. Pricewise, it’s a lot more than I want to pay for lip balm, but I have a feeling it’ll last a lot longer too, since I don’t have to use it as much. We’ll see.


Lipstick in Dusk

Living Nature lipsticks are formulated with the highest quality, certified natural ingredients to bring luscious, healthy colour to your lips. Production is in small manufacturing runs with lipsticks hand poured and individually flamed to a perfect finish by our experienced team. All natural pigments and nourishing waxes ensure smooth application, fabulous wear and a gorgeous natural smile. We named our lipsticks after things we all love here at Living Nature. Dusk is a soft browny pink with a trace of shimmer for maximum impact. 

When Living Nature asked if I wanted to try a lipstick with the hydrator, I almost said no. I’m not much of a lipstick wearer. It’s gooey and frankly, garish. On me, anyway. My lips are fairly pigmented, so I’ve never really felt like I needed it, and I can’t stand the way it feels. But I’ve been so impressed with the Living Nature products so far that I wanted to give it a fair shot before turning it down.

I read a few reviews, did a little research, and eventually decided that if they were willing to let me try it, I’d take them up on it. And….I’m really really really glad I did.

I got Dusk, because I wanted something subtle. The description is spot-on, and actually the picture is pretty accurate too. If anything, Dusk is a little more brown than I was expecting, but it has pink undertones so it’s flattering. It gives me just a little color without being overwhelming.

0616141912aThe thing that really impressed me though was the formula. First of all, this stuff has no smell. NONE. That makes me incredibly happy, because normal lipstick smell makes me gag. No smell also means no taste, another plus. It goes on super-smooth, isn’t waxy and goopy, and isn’t drying. I can feel it, but just barely – it’s not heavy like traditional lipsticks. So far it hasn’t smeared all over my face either, which is always a good thing.

Since I’m not much of a lipstick connoisseur, I can’t tell you if 3 hours wear time is good or not. It comes off pretty easily with eating or drinking, that much I have noticed. Doesn’t bother me, but figured I’d give you a full disclosure!

I know this post doesn’t have quite the excitement of my last Living Nature post, but that’s not at all the products. These products are every bit as awesome as the skin care products. Seriously. I’m just exhausted and that’s seeping into my writing, so Living Nature, I apologize for my lack of exclamation marks.

It’s safe to say I’m madly in love with this company – everything I’ve tried from them has blown me away. Still hoping they’ll adopt me and bring me to New Zealand…..

If you’re curious about Living Nature, now’s a really great time to snag a couple products. They’re offering a free lipstick when you spend $49 (make sure you change the currency at the top from NSD to USD!!). You get to pick any of the colors. The lipstick is $34 by itself – which yeah, is a lot for a lipstick – so this is a killer deal. I’d recommend one of their skin care kits so you can try everything together, but with so many great choices, I honestly don’t think you can go wrong!


Disclosure: All products were provided by Living Nature for my honest review.