An Open Letter on Marriage Equality

I don’t usually engage in political debates. I rarely speak out publicly for or against a cause (the exception being animal abuse). I seldom post my thoughts to social media, and I generally avoid inflammatory commentary. But today, I can’t keep silent.

This post may lose me friends, followers, and family. So be it.

I support marriage equality. I am a heterosexual ally. I am a firm believer that love comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

I believe in a world where people have the freedom to make their own choices. Where a man can choose to love a woman, a man,  both, or neither. Where love is love and we don’t feel the need to “come out” or justify our hearts. Where acceptance reigns and it’s no longer news who is gay and who is straight. Where sexual preference is nobody’s business and nobody’s persecution. Where religion is not used as a sword to cut others down.

But more importantly , I believe in humanity, and compassion, and kindness. Some people clearly don’t.

And so, I have this to say:

To the LGBT community….thank you for showing the world what it means to fight for something. I wish you all the best in your marriages.

To my fellow heterosexual allies….thank you for believing in a better world, an equal world.

To those who are quietly accepting a decision they do not agree with….thank you for being gracious enough to refrain from name calling and unkind words. I respect you immensely for your beliefs,  and for your compassion. You embody your values and are a true testament to your faith.

To those spewing hatred….thank you for reminding me of what I believe, and for challenging me to respond to you without anger or condemnation. For forcing me to question my own values and why I hold them so dear. For showing me that a life filled with judgement, prejudice, and ignorance is easier than one filled with acceptance, inclusion, and understanding…but far less enjoyable.

Love always, always wins.


Hate-filled comments on this post will not be tolerated. Healthy disagreement is fine, but this will not become an area for disparaging others. I require approval on all comments, and will not allow cruelty.