MMHH: Remember Me Thursday

Makes My Heart HappyIt’s been a little while since we had a Makes My Heart Happy post, hasn’t it? Time to remedy that.

Today, Thursday, September 25th, is Remember Me Thursday. It’s a worldwide collaboration between pet adoption organizations and the public to raise awareness on the millions of animals waiting for their forever homes in shelter. It also honors the lives of the millions of pets lost each year. You can read more about it here.

You’ve seen my babies – but maybe you don’t know they were all rescues. They’ve made our lives complete, and we would trade them for the world. Here are their stories.


Luka (left) and Lucy (right)

We adopted Luka from the animal shelter on New Year’s Eve in 2011. He was four years old, and weighed about 45 pounds…grossly underweight for a male German Shepherd. The shelter people told us he’d been surrendered with 6 other dogs two days after Christmas. Apparently his family had been having some difficulties…the husband left the wife and children, and the wife took all their 7 dogs to the shelter. It took about 4 months, but we finally found out he has EPI, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. Basically, he can’t digest his food naturally. Once we found that out, we got his weight up to about 65 pounds. He’ll always be small, but he’s our little crazy co-dependent lovable Luka. He’s madly in love with Jimmie. He’ll be 8 in January.

Lucy was born to a friend’s Siberian Husky in 2005. Her dad was a traveling salesman. While not strictly a rescue, we kept her out of the shelter. She’s got those husky crazy genes, but she’s the sweetest dog we’ve got. Loves everyone, except rabbits. She’ll be 9 in December.


Katie (left) and Zoe (right)

Jimmie adopted Katie before I came along. The shelter folks thought she was a year old, but we’ve no way of knowing, so we just say she’s 14. We think she’s a border collie mix. We don’t know her story, though we know she was abused. It took her years before she’d let anyone near her. Now she’s a sweetheart who loves attention from everyone.

Zoe is my heart, and I adopted her from the shelter as a puppy in 2001. She turns 13 on Monday! She’s been my constant companion, and over the years has opened her heart up to Jimmie just as much (though she hated him at first).

And of course, I can’t forget Evie, our bloodhound, who died of heart failure in 2010. We still miss her. She was Lucy’s best friend, and the slobberiest dog I’ve ever seen. And that howl.



I’ve chosen to light a real candle, but you can light a virtual candle as well. Let’s light up the world for pets today!!!Remember Me Thursday