Zoe's Corner: Pet Doctor Hip and Joint Supplement (Advanced Formula)

Zoe's CornerAww, my darling! Look at that face!! Isn’t she the sweetest?

Truthfully, that picture is at least 5 years old and she’s nowhere near as spunky most days. Sadness. But she’s my heart and I love her and I spoil her rotten. Which means that I’m willing to do a lot for her to keep her as healthy as possible.

Zoe’s 13, which is so amazing and so terrifying all at the same time. But, she’s in perfect health. Yeah, she’s got some doggie dementia, but other than that, she’s fit as a fiddle. Well, besides the arthritis.

A couple years ago we started the dogs on glucosamine supplements because our vet told us it would help with the arthritis pain. Just like humans!¬†We had our dogs on a different brand for a while, but it was always a struggle to get them to eat their food once we’d poured the glucosamine on it. Happily, a few months ago there was an opportunity through Tomoson to review the Pet Doctor’s Hip and Joint Supplement, and we were able to snag some!

We’re pretty picky with our glucosamine. A lot of formulations are pretty weak, or they don’t include chondroitin and MSM. You really want the three ingredients together – glucosamine rebuilds cartilage, chondroitin lubricates the cartilage to keep it flexible, and MSM reduces inflammation in the joint. Cartilage + lubrication + no inflammation = happy puppies and less arthritis pain. Again, just like humans.

Only, you know, with more feet.

Anyway, we’ve tried tablets and we’ve tried other liquids. This is the first one that my picky eater will eat!

While it’s not a miracle, we do notice a difference when Zoe isn’t on glucosamine. She’s not quite back to puppy antics, but she’ll run and play, and she doesn’t have as much trouble getting up. Sure, she still struggles with stairs, and she’s running a lot more slowly these days. (The same could be said for me, to be fair.)

I’m pretty impressed with this glucosamine. The bottle is huge, and the price is reasonable ($25 for 32 ounces, which has lasted us 2 months and counting). My only wish is that it came with a marked cap, so I don’t have to use a measuring spoon. It would be much easier to just measure in the cap and pour, since the “spout” is fairly large and the glucosamine comes out quickly. It’s easy to overfill a measuring spoon. As with all liquid supplements, it needs to be stored in the fridge, but the bottle fits really well in the bottom of the door. I like that it’s not taking up valuable fridge (ahem, beer) space.

You can purchase the Pet Doctor’s All Natural Liquid Glucosamine – Hip and Joint Supplement for Dogs through Amazon. Don’t forget to shop AmazonSmile to have a portion of your purchase donated to the charity of your choice!

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