Product Review: Victoria's Secret Sport

I’m still kind of in awe.


A couple months ago, I got a survey from Influenster, the social media community that gives people a chance to try products for free in exchange for sharing opinions and experiences. The survey asked all sorts of questions about my fitness level and stuff, and then asked me for my clothing sizes. I don’t remember if it told me specifically what the survey was for – the VoxBox – or if I just guessed it was Victoria’s Secret because they had that option listed. It’s not important, either way. What is important is that at the end of the survey, I got a notice saying I didn’t qualify for the box.


And then….I got an email a little while later informing me my Victoria’s Secret Sport Vox Box would be shipping soon.


I kinda think the powers that be got together and realized they didn’t have enough ….shall we say….busty…..people to try it out. And that’s how I got in. Whatever the reason, I was literally jumping up and down.

I’ve been on the hunt for a decent sports bra forever. Seriously, at least two years. I’d looked at the VS bras, but I just couldn’t bring myself to plunk down $60 on a sports bra, no matter how awesome they looked.

I’m really, really glad I held out. I’d have been annoyed if I’d bought one only to turn around and get it free.

Anyway, I had no idea what was going to be in the box, other than that it was from Victoria’s Secret. And then it arrived.

VSSport BoxI know I don’t look excited, but I was. I was also exhausted and cranky. And my face was horribly broken out, thanks to trying something new.

Casey with VS Sport BoxFirst thing that made me happy….everything came in one of the fancy VS boxes. It’s all about the packaging, I’m telling you. I’d have kept the box for a regift, but then I realized someone would open it and get all excited thinking it was VS stuff, and then it wouldn’t be….so I recycled. But not before taking a picture.

VS BoxAnd then I opened the box, and holy wow look at all the goodies!!!! A sports bra – the Incredible – in MY SIZE!!! And the Knockout Capri, also in MY SIZE! Plus a little booklet showing all the different VS Sports bras, and ten 25% off coupons to share with friends. (They had a short expiration date, so I’ve already shared them. Sorry folks!)

Influenster VS Sport BoxI immediately changed my clothes and went to work out. Jimmie did his best to take a picture during my kettlebell workout. I kept moving. Oops.

Kettlebell VS Sport CaprisAnyway, so what do I think? Well, I’ll tell you – because now I’ve been working out in them for several weeks, and I’ve had plenty of time to form a solid opinion.

VSX Sport Incredible Sports BraI was so so so SO exited that this was the bra they sent me. It was the same one I’d been looking at, before I decided I didn’t want to spend the money. (This bra retails for $55 for solid colors.) It’s maximum support, with a concealed underwire. It has padded straps, a cushioned adjustable back closure, and is made from Body-Wick fabric to keep you dry. It comes in cup sizes, so no S-M-L here…you can actually get your bra size, up to a 38DDD or 40DD.

First of all….How about the fact that you can actually get your bra size????? Hallelujah. What a difference that makes. Second of all….thank the stars for a sports bra that doesn’t give you uniboob. You know what I’m talking about. I want support, but I also still want to have boobs. This bra accomplishes that quite nicely. The padding and shaping keep the girls nicely under control – and I’ve been running and jumping and dancing in this thing. They’re not moving.

Another thing I like about it is that the band doesn’t come down too far. A lot of cheap sports bras have bands that end up under my rib cage – about 3 inches below where it should be. I don’t have that issue here, which means it’s not squashing my lungs or giving me chest pains. Always a plus. And having the adjustable closure means it’s a little bit easier to get off than normal – though I doubt anything but a front close will ever truly eliminate the “post-workout shimmy.” (You know what I mean with this, too.)

I actually like the black color (I typically don’t buy black sports bras), though I will admit to being slightly jealous of all the people who got the patterns…they’re super cute!

VSX Sport Knockout Capri: These retail for $60 in solid colors. They’re medium rise and form-fitting, with a hidden drawstring waist and pocket. They have a lined, reinforced gusset (read, lady area) and smooth seams. They’re made of the same Body-Wick fabric, and come in sizes XS-L.

I had to laugh when I put these on, because they’re pretty much pants on me. I’m also going to go ahead and admit that the grey color isn’t super flattering on larger ladies. These pants will not be attending yoga class, let’s put it that way. You’re lucky I’m even sharing the picture.

I wanted to love these – I truly did. I think some of the issue is me, and not the pants, so don’t take my experience as the absolute be-all, end-all. For one thing….they are horrible for yoga. The waist rolls down CONSTANTLY, even when I cinch the hidden drawstring (which is pretty cool). This is where I think it’s probably me…I don’t have a flat stomach, and I think that’s part of the issue.

I do like them for running, though, with one exception – the legs ride up. Again, this could be because I’m a midget. I wish they came in petite, because I think that would be helpful. But they ride up, and I end up with bunched material behind my knees. The rise area actually doesn’t move, though, so that’s nice. And that lined gusset actually makes a difference.

And frankly, they’re comfy for wearing around the house…and tight enough that I think I could probably get away with wearing them under my dress pants when it gets cold, if I need extra warmth.

Final Verdict: I would absolutely, 100% buy the sports bra….in fact, I saved one of the coupons so I could do just that (my second one is pink!!). It’s supportive enough for cardio and comfortable enough for yoga. Highly, highly recommended! As for the pants…meh. I’m glad I got to try them, and I will wear them for sure…but I won’t be buying another pair. Again, though, I think they’re good pants, just not for me. Though to be honest – I think the price is a bit steep at $60. I can see $40, but that’s about as high as I’d go (so if you have a coupon, go for it.)

And one last fun….because I’m slowly-oh- so-slowly getting the hang of this Twitter thing…. you should follow me there. You’ll get gems like these, if you do.


A huge THANK YOU to VS Sport and Influenster for sending these my way!!!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


  1. Didn’t realize it was possible to get a good sports bra – kinda just gave up the search. While the price tag is a bit high, gonna take a closer look….my BDay is just round the corner and there is always Christmas…..

    1. I hear you…I thought I was destined to bounce forever. If you’ve got the VS credit card, you can use the $10 off any bra coupons on them, which makes it a little better!!

  2. This is the most exciting post ever! I’ve never been able to find a sports bra that is supportive, but still comfy. I have too much going on up front to be rolling around in a wimpy sports bra. But…. $60? Yikes! I’ll be on the lookout for sales!

    1. I so hear you! This one is definitely a winner. And yeah, they’re sooo expensive…but I did see that through sometime in November you can get $10 off if you take an old sports bra into the store to exchange. That makes it a little better at least!

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