Introducing Zoe's Corner (and Purina Beyond Adventure Review)

Zoe’s been pestering me for a while now to get her own blog. I keep telling her that’s too much work, for me to type out all her posts, translate them into coherent thoughts, and then keep it up and running. I also mentioned the recent lackluster effort to create a beauty blog, but she’s kept at it. Finally, we settled on guest posting.

And so, Zoe’s Corner is born.

Purple's her favorite color

Purple’s her favorite color

She’s got a lot to say, what with getting Barkboxes and Bugsy’s Boxes and all.

Today, she wants to make sure everyone knows that she’s finally found a food she likes. (For now.)

0624141954We were lucky enough to score a free bag of Purina Beyond Adventure through BzzAgent. They also sent along a couple coupons – which is nice, because this stuff is a little hefty in price. At least, it is for us…but then again, we’re feeding 4 elephants, so….


We used to buy the Purina One food, until we found a cheaper option at Costco. Let’s face it…price is a big factor when you’re buying a 30-lb bag every two weeks. We’d long ago decided that since they were our kids, we’d step up the food game (no Ol’Roy in our house!!), but we’re still somewhat hampered by cost. Purina One was a good option. It was a good-quality food, at a good price.

Problem was, Zoe hated it. No surprise there, really.

What WAS a surprise was the fact that she adored the Beyond Adventure. Inhaled it. My picky eater, who randomly snubs peanut butter and milk, ate this dog food.


Beyond Adventure is a grain-free, protein-rich dog food.

Purina Beyond

It’s got tuna as the first ingredient. Honestly, most of the ingredients are decent – there aren’t really any that give me major pause. I also like all the minerals and vitamins in there – and it cracked me up to see Biotin, since I take that daily for my hair!

Beyond Adventure IngredientsI know it’s weird, but I kinda like the packaging. It makes me think of outdoorsiness. It’s like the Eddie Bauer of dog food.

Beyond Adventure Back And because I’m still trying to get the hang of this whole Twitter thing, and I’m amazed whenever someone favorites or retweets or comments, I got super excited when Purina responded to me. (I apologize for the crappy, sales-pitchy Tweet…somehow I didn’t manage to save my text when I tried to send it through BzzAgent’s platform, so this is what I got.)


Speaking of, if you follow me on Twitter, be forgiving. I have even less idea what I’m doing there than I do here.

We’ll definitely be using the coupons (one for us, and one for a friend) to grab another bag for those days when Zoe refuses to eat again…now that we know she loves it, we’ll have to keep it on hand!!

Zoe would like to thank you for stopping by her corner, and also wants you to be on the lookout for her July Barkbox and Bugsy’s Box reviews.