Review: Puppies in the Pantry by Lucy Daniels

puppiespantryAbout Puppies in the Pantry

• Series: Animal Ark (#3)
• Paperback:
 144 pages
• Published: May 1998 by Scholastic
• Source: Gift

Goodreads DescriptionA film crew arrives in town and Mandy looks after some of the animal stars. Then Charley, their Labrador, suddenly disappears. Can Mandy and her friend James find the dog before something terrible happens?

My Thoughts

Guys. PUPPIES IN THE PANTRY. Seriously, just think about that title, look at that cover. And then….think about the fact that there are 70+ books in the series and everysingleone of them has an alliterative title. I’m telling you. Goat in the Garden. Kittens in the Kitchen. Tabby in the Tub. Hedgehogs in the Hall. This is, in fact, a real thing.

So I feel like we need a little backstory.

Back in….oh, October? November? Must have been November. Our book club was looking for a Christmas-themed book, and somehow stumbled upon the Animal Ark books. I want to say someone found Santa Paws, and that led us to Animal Ark (similar books and all). Anyway, we spent a good half an hour laughing hysterically at just the titles. And then, Allison realized she’d bought Puppies in the Pantry at the Scholastic Book Fair once (weren’t those amazing?!) and it got even more awesome. We had such a good time that I ended up giving myself an asthma attack laughing so hard.

We didn’t choose an Animal Ark book that month, but agreed we’d do a book swap for Valentine’s Day. We assigned ourselves a letter so we wouldn’t have to worry about duplicates (I mean, there are 70+ but I guarantee we all would have picked Hamster in a Handbasket or Pony on the Porch). And then, we swapped. I took home Puppies in the Pantry. Of course I was going to read it.

And can I just stop right here and say… I wish I’d known these existed as a kid. Nevermind that I was probably too old for them by the time they were published. Psh. They’re awesome. I’d have book-faired the crap out of these.

Puppies in the Pantry features Mandy, our Animal Ark heroine. A film crew comes to town, complete with animal stars, and Mandy’s mom is in charge of making sure the animals are healthy (she’s a vet). Of course, Mandy tags along, and gets to meet the animal stars. Terribly, one day Charley the Labrador goes missing, and it’s up to Mandy to find her!

In case you’re wondering, yes, the title is sorely misleading. This really should be called Lab on the Loose or even Lab on the Lamb. But I suppose neither of those tested well, so Puppies in the Pantry it is. Said puppies in said pantry are an afterthought, and while they do exist, have next to nothing to do with the story.

It’s a little difficult for me to objectively review this book. For one thing, the title. For another, the fact that there are SO MANY BOOKS in this series. For a third, it’s a kid’s book that took me roughly 45 minutes to read.

That said, I loved it, and I fully intend on reading as many more Animal Ark books as I can get my hands on.

3 stars