Utah, Part 4: Eating and Drinking in Salt Lake City

This is the last of the Utah series. Make sure to check out Part 1: Snowbird and Cecret Lake, Part 2: Wyoming, and Part 3: Antelope Island and the Great Salt Lake!

Oh, Salt Lake City.

I kind of love you.

Actually, I really love you. The trip was wonderful, and though I was only there for a short time, I fell in love with Utah and Salt Lake City. I can’t wait to go back.

I’ve saved this post for last because it just felt right. Like Salt Lake City felt right.

It’s hard to explain.

The people were friendly, the food was delicious, the sights were to die-for, and the driving was easy. The weather was gorgeous. I loved it, and I’d consider moving there, though I’m not sure about the winters.

Anyway, this post is about food, because by now you should know there’s always a food post. It just doesn’t really fit to stick food in with hiking, you know?

First up, Market Street Grill.

Market Street GrillDon’t you just love this lobby? The little fish cutouts on the stairs, the boat…it’s just fun. And yes, I was perplexed about seafood in Salt Lake City.  But, it had good reviews, so we tried it out.

There was a huge group of us, and unfortunately, most of the group had a bad experience. Their service was lousy, their food was overcooked, and their bills were wrong. Luckily, I was at the one table that actually enjoyed ourselves. I ordered the Halibut Oscar. The waiter told me that if I Googled Halibut Oscar, the Market Street Grill would come up. Not so, but it was delicious. (Also – mine didn’t come with brussel sprouts, but I stole some of my coworker’s and they were TO DIE FOR.)

Halibut Oscar at Market Street GrillThe next night we ate at the Silver Fork Lodge, a little B&B on the way up one of the mountains. It’s an adorable little place with a local vibe. I didn’t take a picture of it, but I had the meatloaf. It came highly recommended, and didn’t disappoint…and I’m picky about my meatloaf.

Silver Fork Lodge SignWe also ate at the restaurants at the Cliff Lodge – Aerie and El Chanate. Both were quite good, so if you’re up there, definitely try them.

Which reminds me – after my rant about the lack of outlets in my room, Snowbird replied on Twitter saying they’re working on the issue. Good to know!

Which brings me to the rest of the culinary SLC journey. We snagged a couple of recommendations from locals, and then found our way to a few of the bars downtown…always a good time.

First up, Oh Mai, a lovely little Vietnamese deli. The food was excellent, the prices were right (under $10), and they had a brilliant little takeout station.

Oh Mai SLC

Oh Mai Takeout Station SLCFor our bar crawl, we got on Yelp and picked the top 3 places. We started at the Green Pig, with a sports bar feel and a DJ stuck in the 90s….

Green Pig SLCMoved on to Whiskey Tavern….where the bar was impressive, but the prices were not ($14 for a draft beer and a bottom-shelf Bourbon and Coke)….

Whiskey Street TavernAnd then finally found our way to Cheers to You, a local spot with a great selection, even better prices, karaoke, a laid-back LOCAL crowd, and our favorite spot of the night. They’ve got this huge rack of mugs, and each mug has stickers all over it. Those are the locals’ mugs…when you go consistently, eventually they sit a mug down in front of you. You find your stickers, decorate your mug however you choose, and then it’s yours. Like a badge of honor. We talked to a local for quite a while about the bar and the mug thing…it’s a very close-knit family of folks. They look out for their own, and nobody tolerates bad behavior. We weren’t hassled at all the entire time we were in there (which ended up being over 3 hours). And did I mention the cheap drinks? We both drank for $20. $20. For 3 hours.

Cheers to You Regulars

Cheers to You SLCSeriously, if you’re in SLC, go to Cheers to You. It’s worth it.

And because we were drinking for 3 hours, we had to kill some time to sober up. Enter the Pie Hole, quite possibly the best pizza in SLC. (I have nothing to compare it to.) I’m not generally a thin-crust fan, but man oh man, it was good. And it was popular. And it was cheap. And open late. And zero frills. But yeah, so the pizza…the crust was crispy but not crunchy. Perfectly done. Divine. It’s probably a good thing it’s on the other side of the country.

Pie Hole SLC 2

Pie Hole SLC 4

Pie Hole SLCAnd speaking of the other side of the country, before we left I got to try my very first In N Out burger. I went for the double, because I could.

In n OutVerdict? It’s a good thing this is on the other side of the country as well. (Totally worth the hype.)

Lastly…..OMG UTAH HAS AMAZING BEER. Seriously. I need someone to ship me some. I mean, my suitcase only held so much….

Utah Beer HaulIf you live in Utah, or anywhere close to Utah, I will happily pay you to ship me Wasatch Ghostrider by the case. Let’s make a deal.

And that, my friends, is the end of my Utah adventures. Was it amazing? Yes. Would I go back? Already planning it.

Have you been to Utah? Where do you recommend we go when I drag Jimmie there next year? Any favorite spots?