The Happiest Feet In the World

Doesn’t that sound like it’d be a fun commercial?

Actually, maybe I should Google it to make sure it’s not…..

It’s not.


Ok, so…it all started on that fateful day, May 16, 2014. When Lucy did this.


I cried. Oh, how I cried.

I have no problem admitting that. I’ve had these shoes since college. COLLEGE. They’re Bass sandals, and they were utterly worn in and absolutely loved. So much so, in fact, that I still can’t bring myself to throw them away. Even though there’s no hope for them. I know that, I really do.

Shut up, and let me grieve.

Does she look contrite? Yeah, I don't think so either.

Does she look contrite? Yeah, I don’t think so either.

Like the true champ he is, Jimmie took me shoe shopping the very next day. And didn’t complain once, even after the 6th store. I tried Birkenstock’s. Eh, not horrible. I tried Reefs. Comfy, but I didn’t want to pay $50 for flip flops, and I was looking for something a little more ….. not flip-flopish. Something I could wear to work.

I tried Rainbows. Ick. Supposedly you have to break them in, and then they’re wonderful, but uh…..why would I want a pair of horribly uncomfortable shoes I have to break in?

I tried Mephistos, and I really liked them, but $140 for sandals? I just couldn’t do it. No matter how comfortable they were, I just couldn’t bring myself to pay that much. Maybe someday.

Things were looking hopeless.

And then I tried on a pair of Sanuks. And OH MY GOD WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?????

Not kidding, I’m never buying another pair of shoes.


Pardon the dog hair.


These are the Yoga Sling 2, and they’re made out of yoga mats. YOGA MATS PEOPLE. FOR YOUR FEET. It’s like walking on air. Or not even air. Squishy air.

They’re also vegan and vegetarian. Added bonus, they go along with my new not-quite-hippie lifestyle. (Remember my recycling post?)

Not gonna lie – it took me like a week to figure out how to put them on. Thankfully they come with instructions, because the first time it took me a good 5 tries (and as many minutes) to get my foot in them.

The cotton “sling” is incredibly comfortable, doesn’t rub, and doesn’t move. My feet don’t slide in these, even when I get them wet. They’re not hot. They don’t make my feet smell. I’ve been wearing them nonstop for more than a month, and they haven’t even gotten little toe dents in the sole. And did I mention they’re insanely comfortable?

I got the black ones because DSW only had black and grey. I’ve been trying to go back for the grey ones, but my freakishly small size 6 foot means they’re completely out. So I got on Sanuk’s website, and holy batman, look at the colors.

I can't decide. Which do you think?

I can’t decide. Which do you think?

I also really want to try their Sidewalk Surfers, but haven’t settled on which one yet. Maybe the Donna or Pick Pocket Fleece…those both look super comfy. Swoon.

You know what else I really like? Sanuk is the Thai word for fun and happiness. So I’m literally wearing fun and happiness. And yoga mats. Does it get any better than that? NO. No it does not. 

They go with everything except business suits and formal wear, though frankly, I’d consider it if I thought I could get away with it. Dresses, jeans, capris, and of course, yoga pants. I live in them. I’ve gotten so many compliments – from both people I know, and random strangers. In the short time I’ve had them, I’ve convinced two people to buy them without even trying. Even Jimmie, who’s a sworn “shoe between my toes” hater, is considering buying a pair of their flip flops.

They’re that good. Seriously. Go check them out – and tell me which color you end up with!!


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