September Beauty Box 5

Yep, really late on this one. Though, to be fair, there was a lot going on in September. And this is my last Beauty Box 5, so it’s not like there’s October’s box to bump up against. Spoiler alert. I’ll tell you why in a minute.

BB5 Balancing ActSeptember’s theme was Balancing Act…supposed to be about maintaining the balance between taking care of yourself and trying new trends. I don’t get it, as usual, but that’s ok.

October Beauty Box 5Nicka K Eye Light Crayon in Gold: I love love love this product. Best thing in the box, hands down. The only thing I was really excited about when I opened it. It’s easy to use. The color is great, and it lasts all day. I’d definitely buy this again!

FUBU Natural Style Moisture Shine Conditioner and Co-Wash: I got two packets of this, which was nice. It’s supposed to minimize frizz, and is paraben and sulfate free. Haven’t tried it yet, and I’ll be honest and say it’s partly because the name “FUBU” bothers me.

Lashem 3 in 1 Eye Bright: I haven’t tried this yet, because I’m still trying to work my way through the 10million other eye creams I have. I’m intrigued though – it promises to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and those dreaded dark circles. I don’t have issues with redness, but it’ll fix that too. We’ll see, eventually! (On another note, I love that I keep getting eye creams in boxes, because now I actually use it and I don’t ever have to buy it again.)

Sally Hansen Toe Separators: These are cute, but I’ll never use them. Regifting.

My Beauty Spot Nail Polish: I have no clue what color this is – this is the second time BB5 has sent me a polish with no name. Annoying. I was able to figure out that this is an Australian brand. That’s about all I know. The color is sort of mauve. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be, but not really my style.

This was my last Beauty Box 5. Am I sad? No. I still can’t bring myself to consistently pay for more than 1 beauty subscription a month, regardless of how “different” they are. I come back to Birchbox again and again because of their point system and product selection. I enjoyed trying BB5, and found a couple of things I really liked. But is it enough to keep me coming back? Nope.