Spring Has Sprung!

Hello friends! Spring is finally here – in all its Springy Glory – and isn’t it wonderful? The warm weather, the flowers, the birds singing….so much better than winter. I figured it was about time to brighten up the house to go with the weather, and then I figured….why not brighten up the blog too?

I finally changed out my wreath (which has seen better days, frankly).

Spring WreathMy yard is covered in flowers….apparently we’ve had tulips for the last 3 years, but I never noticed them. I think they probably bloomed while I was on travel, because I refuse to believe I missed them 3 years in a row. They’re right in front of the front door.

TulipsOn the other side of the front door is Bert. He was absolutely an impulse buy at Hobby Lobby. He was 40% off, and I knew Jimmie would hate him (he does), so of course I had to buy him. And when I posted him on Instagram, two friends told me they had TWO garden owls. I feel behind.

Garden OwlWe’ve also got all these little purple and white flowers all over the yard. Our neighbor had more, and it made me so sad when he mowed his grass yesterday, because they’re all gone now. Anyone know what they are?

PurpleWhiteFlowersAnd in a last bit of decorating cheer, I swapped out the St. Patrick’s Day gear for spring stuff on the entry shelf. It’s probably a bit more summer than spring, but oh well.

Spring EntryThe fabric I bought from Joann’s with the intention of doing something cute – now I have no idea what, so it’s serving as a shelf cover. The flip flops are from the dollar store, as are the flowery things. And I got the tiny watering can from Goodwill. How adorable is it?

Since you can’t read the printable, here’s a closeup. I printed this a couple years ago from Tater Tots and Jello and it’s been a spring staple ever since.

Spring Printable CloseupFor my last little bit of spring cheer, I decided to try a floral manicure. I finally bought one of those dotting tools, and hadn’t used it yet. Julep has this really cute tutorial for a rose manicure. Mine didn’t quite turn out like theirs. In fact, mine looked like Christmas candy, but from far away….they could almost sorta be flowers.

Spring NailsRight? I’m purposefully NOT showing you the original.

I haven’t exactly been on a Spring Cleaning kick, but I have done a ton of laundry. We’re counting that as a win. On that note, does anyone else absolutely despise putting away laundry??? I don’t mind doing it, and I don’t even mind folding it, but man….putting it away is kind of where I draw the line.

Spring feels good, friends. 🙂


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