Makes My Heart Happy: Sweetwater Brewing Company

So I’ve come across a lot of things lately that have my heart jumping for joy. I’d thought about doing one post with all of them…but then realized that would take away some of the happiness. These things make me happy, so they each deserve their own post.

Right? Right.

Then I thought….Maybe it’ll be a new series…..and I loved that idea. I already have a Pinterest board (called Makes My Heart Happy – follow it!), so why not a random blog post series thingie?? This is going to be fun.

And so….without further ado….the first Makes My Heart Happy moment. (I even made a pretty logo for this new series. You like?)

Makes My Heart Happy

Sweetwater Brewing Company

Sweetwater Loves PetsSweetwater is one of our favorite breweries anyway, because of their awesome beer. I’m partial to the 420 and the IPA. Jimmie likes the Blue and the Georgia Brown. They’re in Atlanta, so we consider them local enough for us, though we haven’t yet made it to the brewery tour (on my list!!!).

Anyway, today as I was tossing the carton into the recycle box, I noticed the paw print on the bottom. Adopt a Drinkin’ Buddy, huh? I had to check it out. You all know how much I love furbabies.

Turns out, Sweetwater Brewing has partnered with the Atlanta Humane Society to find homes for shelter pups. Dogs are selected as “Sweetwater Buddies” and basically that means they get a little extra time in the spotlight. According to the website, the buddies are dogs who have been in the shelter for a while, and who’ve won the hearts of the staff and volunteers.

The more I looked into this initiative, the more I read about Sweetwater and how much they give back. Throughout the year, they partner with a dozen local non-profits to raise awareness, and funds. They donate $3 from every $10 pint glass sold during the day’s tour back to the organization. And August 6th, the Atlanta Humane Society is the organization. (So if you’re local, go buy a glass!)

I was excited about it, and wanted to tell them how much I thought they rocked….so I got my happy butt on Twitter and tweeted about it. I’m hopelessly inept at all things Twitter. And I still get excited when people respond or favorite. Sweetwater retweeted my post (along with half a dozen other people), which made my heart even happier.

It wasn’t until hours later that I thought…hey maybe I could blog about it. What can I say, I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes.

So anyway, I love finding out that companies I like are all about giving back to the community. Restores my faith in humanity. And I’m excited about this new series – they won’t all be “deep” like this one. You can definitely expect some cartoons and probably baby animal photos. Part of this whole Fearless Creative thing is enjoying the little things, and finding happiness wherever I can. And hopefully, they’ll make you smile….and make your heart happy too.


I was in no way compensated for this post.