Travel: Walk the Moon at Nashville’s Marathon Music Works

I’m kind of in love with Nashville.


I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve been living under a rock for most of my life. No doubt, this is not news to some of you.


A couple weekends ago we ventured out to Nashville to see Walk the Moon play (yes, different from Walk Off the Earth, but also very very good – I know, confusing) at Marathon Music Works’ Blocktoberfest Block Party. I had a free Marriott night so we snagged a hotel room and made a date weekend out of it.

We had a blast. We ate, we drank, we walked, we shopped, and we talked. We saw live music. We toured breweries. We slept in. It was glorious.

Out hotel was the Fairfield Inn and Suites – Downtown/The Gulch. It was brand new – it opened the Tuesday before we arrived. I thought I got a picture of the outside, but apparently I did not, so here’s Marriott’s photo. It pretty much looks like this.

Fairfield Inn & Suites Nashville Downtown/The Gulch (from Marriott)

Our room was fine – a little small, but since we were only there one night it was more than adequate.

Fairfield Nashville Gulch

The bathroom was pretty good sized, and I loved the shower (can you see it in the mirror?).

Fairfield Nashville Gulch 2

Fairfield Nashville Gulch 3Service was excellent throughout our entire stay. I have to highly commend the breakfast ladies….there was a “bacon thief” who literally took the entire dish of bacon as soon as the ladies brought it out. Crazy person. So the nice ladies brought me my own bacon. And checked on me during breakfast. (This was quite impressive, since I’m not known for being a morning person.)

What made this hotel even more exciting was that when I looked out the window, staring back at me was the Yazoo Brewery. Uh…….

Blocktoberfest was scheduled to start at 3:00pm. There were 7 bands playing…. Tristen, *repeat repeat, Scars on 45, Vinyl Thief, Boom Forest, Self, and finally, Walk the Moon.

Lightning 100's Marathon Village Blocktoberfest Fall Block PartySo when we got to Nashville that afternoon, we were early enough that we could have gone over to Marathon Music Works for the opener. But there was the brewery. We made the call to wait for Walk the Moon. That left us plenty of time to explore, have dinner, and relax a little before the show (I even took a nap).

We ended up touring Yazoo and Jackalope, both local Nashville breweries. Afterwards, we walked to dinner at The Pub, which is a British gastropub chain restaurant. I’ll admit that I was not entirely sober (ok, not even close) by this point, but OH MAN IT WAS DELICIOUS. Jimmie had fish and chips, and I had Shepherd’s Pie. I ate the entire thing and didn’t feel the slightest bit guilty. They had a really awesome beer selection – which we skipped since we’d just toured 2 breweries – that I can’t wait to go back and try. All sorts of beers I’ve never heard of. English beers, Scottish beers, Irish beers…yum.

Here is where I should probably apologize for my photos. This is what happens when “not entirely sober” Casey gets hold of things.

The Pub Nashville

The Pub Nashville interior

You can’t really tell, but all the waiters wore kilts. I kept looking for Jamie Fraser. Never found him.

Shepherd's Pie at the Pub NashvilleMarathon Music Works is this little courtyard in between all these old brick buildings. They had projections on the brick that reminded me of that scene in Batman with the spotlight. If it hadn’t been gravel, or if the ground had been sloped, or if the stage had been higher….it’d have been better. I spent most of the show not being able to see a thing. (To their credit, though, the sound was really good.)

Marathon Music Works BlocktoberfestJimmie actually turned me on to Walk the Moon. We’d be driving somewhere, and a song would come on, and without fail I’d ask who it was. It was always Walk the Moon. It kind of got to be a running joke that the only way I knew who the band was was the fact that I had no clue who it was. Does that make sense? If I had to ask, it was automatically Walk the Moon. (Eventually I learned all their songs, but it took a while.)

They were awesome. So much energy, so much fun, and I was simply amazed by how GOOD they were. I keep wondering if the singer has been professionally trained. His voice was just so on pitch, and so clear…for a while I thought he was lip singing because he was so good, but then he sang something differently than the album track. If you ever get the chance to see them, take it. (In the meantime, listen to their music!!!)

I tried to take video, I tried to take photos, but I’m too short, and I couldn’t see a thing when I was holding my phone above my head, so they’re all blurry and full of heads. You’ll have to settle for a video instead. This is Iscariot – which might be the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard.

With that, I’ll leave you to listen in peace….