What An Animal Reading Challenge 2015

I’m going to be a reading challenge superstar next year. Don’t be fooled – these two can cross over. Thank the stars. I’m still not entirely sure about my decision to try for 100 books next year!

Anyway, one of the “You Read How Many Books” challengers posted the link to the What An Animal Reading Challenge and I knew I had to check it out. It’s hosted by Socrates’ Book Reviews, and looks like a lot of fun!


My goal: 7-12 books in 2015 (Level 2)

The rules for this one are pretty simple. Books count if they have an animal on the cover, in the title, or as a major character/focus. I already read lots of animal books, so I’m pretty excited about this. If we’re honest, I’ll probably hit Level 3, but I figured I might as well take it a little easier on myself for this one.

I’ve set up a tracking page for Reading Challenges, and of course, you’ll still see them all in the monthly book reviews. Any suggestions on which animal books I should read?

Sound like fun? Head on over to Socrates’ Book Reviews to sign up!


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