What An Animal Reading Challenge 2016

So for 2015 I joined a couple of reading challenges. Basically, I didn’t actively participate because I’m a bad blogger, but I DID read. And hit both my goals, thank you. (Check out my 2015 Reading Challenges for the info!)

However, I really enjoyed the What An Animal Reading Challenge hosted by Yvonne over at Socrates’ Book Reviews. I torched my goal, and figured it’d be fun to do again this year!

My goal: 21+ books in 2016 (Level 4)

The rules for this one are pretty simple. Books count if they have an animal on the cover, in the title, or as a major character/focus. I’m guessing Level 4 will be easy enough, so at this point I kinda want to see how many I can do!

I’ll keep track on the Reading Challenges page again, and you can always follow me on Goodreads.

Sound like fun? Head on over to Socrates’ Book Reviews to sign up!