Fearless CreativeHEEEELLLLLOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m excited. Are you excited?

You should be.

I am.

And now I’m repeating myself.

So why am I excited? Because I’ve got my blogging MOJO back. Not gonna lie, I lost it for a while. You guys know that. Why? Weeeellll, I don’t know, exactly. Part of it was being busy, but a big part of it was also not really feeling what I was writing. Or feeling like I had anything worthwhile to write. Now I do.

So welcome back to the bipolar blog that’s Fearless Creative.

Yep, that's a Montana picture. I still owe you a Bozeman post.

Yep, that’s a Montana picture. I still owe you a Bozeman post.

Remember way back when, when I had that Blogdentity Crisis? (Still one of my more clever blog post titles, methinks.) I didn’t really feel like my tagline – then, “My Journey from Fearful Wallflower to Fearless Creative” – was doing it for me. So we talked, and you helped me pick a new one: “A Lifestyle Blog Dedicated to Creativity, Passion, and Growth.” That was better, but still didn’t feel right. At least not to me.

And then, it hit me.

I don’t actually have to have a tagline. I can have whatever the hell I want. And what I want are words.

Words are why I’m here. Words are what I’m doing. Words are….this. And this is for me, and for you, and for all of us who are just trying to survive every day and make ourselves a little bit better, a little bit happier. So who cares if when you come to this blog, there’s no tagline that tells you “hey, here’s what you’re getting into”? Who cares if you have to (gasp!) read a few posts to figure out just what happens here. Who cares if you leave feeling like you’ve been inside a pinball machine?

Because let’s face it, that happens to me every time I read my own blog, which – YES – I do. To make sure I’m not coming off like a pompous ass. At least not all the time.

So goodbye tagline. Hello words.

At first glance, it might look simple. In a way it is, but in a way it isn’t. These are the words that I want my life to be full of. The things I strive for. The things I value.

Remember when we talked about values? If not, it’s towards the bottom. I’ve been thinking about them, and about what I’m blogging for, and these words…these words feel right.

Life. This crazy, messed up, amazing, chaotic thing we’re all in. Because it’s more than just breathing, it’s actually living. I spent too many years going through the motions. Now, I’m doing my best to create a life that I’m happy with, that I love, that makes me feel whole.

Love. In all forms. Love of others, love of myself. Love of places, love of things. Love Love Love. I thought about passion…but passion has some pretty big connotations (especially lately what with 50 shades and all), and I didn’t want something so…narrow. So love it is.

Beauty. Physical spiritual emotional. Beauty products, beautiful places, beautiful feelings. The world is beautiful. This is about appreciating that, embracing it, and enjoying it. And creating it. If that means new mascara, all the better.

Travel. Because I just love to travel. And I love to tell you about my travels. Even if most of what I tell you is about the food. (I’ll work on that, I promise.)

Growth. In everything. Becoming a better friend. Improving my health. Learning new things. Getting to know myself. Living a fearless creative life.

Fun. Because by now, you should know that I believe – with every fiber of my being – that life needs to be fun.

Ahhhh. It feels good to be back. I’ve missed you. Let’s be Fearless Creative together – what do you say?