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Review: A Year of Second Chances by Buffy Andrews

I love a good redemption story. That probably isn’t much of a surprise – after all, my favorite book is A Man Called Oveand if that isn’t a redemption story, I don’t know what is. I love characters that reinvent themselves, either by choice or by circumstance. Character growth is where it’s at for me! A Year of Second Chances sounded like a great redemption story, and light enough to help me bust out of my reading slump.

The story starts off with Scarlett having a cancer scare, and then finding the bucket list she wrote in high school. When she looks at the list, she realizes she never did any of it. She decides there’s no time like the present, and sets out to complete her list.

I had my own list in high school, but unlike Scarlett, I’ve kept mine and added to it. For a while, I even had it posted on my blog – I called it my Up in Smoke list. (It’s actually still there somewhere, I just can’t find it!) Like Scarlett, I’ve only completed a handful. It’s got all sorts of things on there, like trying stand-up paddleboarding (done, thank you!), and touching a panda.

Unfortunately, while A Year of Second Chances was a light, fun read, it was also completely…shallow. I’m not even sure how to describe it, other than to say that Scarlett just picked something on her list and magically accomplished it. There was very little description of struggle or obstacle, and very little insight into what she was thinking or feeling. The whole thing felt entirely too superficial. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it – it just wasn’t the read I’d hoped for.

Kindle Edition: 384 pages    Published: June 2017 by HQ Digital Source: Publisher via Netgalley

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When Scarlett comes across a box containing her most precious items from her teenage years, she’s forced to confront the adult she has become. As a divorced mother of two twentysomethings, Scarlett has to admit her life has ground to a halt! Whatever happened to that girl whose hopes and dreams were so naively displayed in a wish list for her life?

So, armed with the list, Scarlett sets about checking off each and every item possible, determined to fulfil her promises to her younger self. Some are easy. Dancing in the rain? Bring on the next thunderstorm! Marrying her high-school sweetheart? Not so easy when married Jake lives clear across the country!

But what started out as a challenge to herself quickly takes on a life of its own, catapulting Scarlett out of her slump and into a life even her younger self could never have dreamed of!

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