Zoe's Corner: July Bugsy's Box

Zoe's CornerBefore you go ape on me…there’s a really good reason we’re reviewing the July Bugsy’s Box in September.

If you’ll remember, back in May I stumbled on a great Bugsy’s Box deal. We got our first box in June, and were pretty pleased with it. The code I used was just for a single-month, but then I came across another coupon code. I canceled the original box, and added another box (this time in Lucy’s name) to the account using that second code. The Bugsy’s Box site took the code, didn’t say a thing about the code being for first-time subscribers or any of that. (What can I say – I’m a bargain hunter.)

And they charged my card.

Mexico came and went, and our final Barkbox arrived. Hmmm…but what about Bugsy’s?

Middle of July, and no box. No email telling me the box had shipped. Ok….maybe it’s just late.

End of July. Still no box. Still no email.

So…ok. Time to send customer service an email.

Let’s just say….I’m a fairly tolerant person. (Jimmie, stop laughing.) The email response I got back was not satisfactory. Basically, I asked (quite nicely I should add) what was up with my box, since my card had been charged. The answer? The coupon code I used on the second box was for first time subscribers only. If I wanted my box they would need to charge me the difference for the full price (in this case, $10), or they’d refund my money. Uh, what?

I responded, and asked….”Why did your website allow the coupon code, and why did you charge my card, and why did I receive absolutely no communication from you saying this was an issue?” In other words….your website screwed up, but the biggest thing that got me was the complete and utter lack of any communication. You charged my card, so send me an email telling me there’s an issue. I shouldn’t have to contact you to find out why you’ve taken my money. Not cool.

I never got an answer to my question, but Bugsy’s Box did agree to send me a box. Without me having to pay the difference, which was nice.

Well, sort of.

So they sent a box, but they didn’t bother packaging it nicely, and they didn’t pay all the shipping….so when we went to pick it up, we had to pay $1.56 in shipping. WHO DOES THAT?? How is that even possible?

July Bugsy's BoxNo descriptive card, no tissue paper…just everything haphazardly thrown in there. Sigh.

I’ll be honest. I don’t even want to review the box, I’m so annoyed.

There was a ball. The dogs weren’t interested in it. I’d like to donate it, but we opened it.

There was an Arm & Hammer dental chew. We haven’t opened it, though Luka could probably use it.

Arm & Hammer ChewWe have It’s Purely Natural Chicken Jerky Treats. We haven’t opened them yet, but I’m sure the kids will love them.

It's Purely Natural TreatsRiley’s Organic Treats in Peanut Butter & Molasses. I like the ingredients – they’re human grade, so I suppose I could eat them too. They smell kinda weird, but the kids like them.

Riley's TreatsLast is Wags & Wiggles Purify Pet Wipes. This is a great idea, and will be perfect for muddy paws and faces.

Wags & Wiggles PurifyNeedless to say, we’re not getting any more Bugsy’s Boxes. The July box was ok – not as great as the June box. I think we’ve decided that the dog boxes are fun, but we can take the $30 a month and buy a lot of treats for that. Zoe’s ok with this plan, so long as there are lots of liver treats involved.

Have you tried any dog boxes? What’s your favorite?