Zoe's First Barkbox!

Zoe’s been drooling over Barkbox for several months now, trying to convince Mommy to shell out the cash for it. But Mommy is a cheapo, and says that $30 a month is a little too much to try something. Yes, Mommy is cruel.

Then Mommy found a Groupon deal for 3 months for $42. SOLD.

And then Zoe’s first Barkbox arrived.

0517141425It was an exciting day, let me tell you. Zoe loved the tissue paper…her favorite word was….

0517141425aWell, let’s just leave it at that. How about the goodies?


Megalast Ball from JW Pet: Luka liked this ball better than anyone else. The girls kind of ignored it. Luka tried to bat it out of the air, causing it to bounce all over the dining room. He also refused to sit still for pictures. Kids.

0517141426aRozcoe the Corduroy Kitty by Loopies: This was a hit. So much so that we had to immediately take it away. Katie and Zoe both loved Rozcoe. Supposedly Rozcoe is “deceptively sturdy” but we’ve yet to test this.

Again, kids. Obviously we need a high-speed camera.

Again, kids. Obviously we need a high-speed camera.

Apple Cobbler Snicky Snacks: Organic dog treats. These smell good enough for humans. The kids all love them.

Nootie’s BBQ Chicken Jerky: Grain free dog treats that can be broken into bite sized pieces for sharing? Sold. Lucy was especially interested in the treats.


Zoe gives her first Barkbox two paws up!

Mom gives Zoe’s first Barkbox two thumbs up. Barkbox strives to deliver high quality products and healthy treats. Each month boxes contain between 4-6 products. Plus, 10% of Barkbox’s profits go to support dogs in need (rescue groups, shelters, and many many others.) Can’t beat that.

If your pup would like her own Barkbox, click here to get 10% off your subscription! You can choose your size (Zoe has the large box) and your frequency. Then get ready to spoil your pup!!